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Help Me Choose!!!

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 I just won the giveaway from Sierra Skis  

 and now I get to choose what I want!


 My choices are between the Salomon Lord  Fury, or  Czar.  


Now, I would choose the Czar hands down if they had one in a 182 but according to the website, (and unless SierraCanuck can find one buried in the back room for me) they do not.  


I read that the czar boasts a "substantially rockered tip" which I assume makes it ski short?  


I am 5'7, 160 and most of the skis that I own are in the low 170's range; however, I LOVE my 183 Bros, and feel like I can have my way with them on everything but solid ice despite their additional size.  


My main question is, for those who have skied them, do you think that the 174 czar would ski much shorter than that, and thus not be what I will want?  I would plan on using this ski for Powder Days only, east coast style.  I will ski the Bros most other days, but would like to try the fun shape in the fresh.  


I'd like to think that I charge pretty hard, and would worry about getting over the tips, and/or finding a speedlimit with the shorter ski, what do you think?


If the 174 czars are too short for me (which I'm guessing they are) than I'll probably go with the 177 lord. I don't really know much about this ski... educate me.  


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 Hmmm, I've been doing some more research, and it seems most of the reviews that I can find of the Lords are less than positive.  That said, maybe I SHOULD get the shorter (174) czar... or look at the Fury's?  I really need some help here!  

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 I would pick the Fury in a 184.  I'm 5'9" and about 165 lbs.  If I didn't already have a 100 ish waist the Czar looks cool, but I have little use for anything over 90 out this way.  Second choice would be the Lord in a 185.  Nice score Jay

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Jay -


Congrats on winning the contest! 


When I have gone to ski demos in the past, I've always walked by the Salomon tent to try another brand of skis.  In the past, Salomon skis I've demoed have always been competent, but never something really worth paying attention to.


However, this year I've been delighted with the two Salomon skis I've demoed, the Lord and Tornado.  Conditions didn't allow me to find the limits of these skis, but I enjoyed skiing both of them.  Both have wood cores, easy to initiate turns, are not overly damp, and have good edge grip.


Are your Bros a relatively stiff ski?  If so, you might like a softer powder only ski, like the Czar.  I'm 5'9.5" and 180# and I would have gone for the 174cm Czar (given there's no 182cm available).  The shorter length might actually make the Czar more fun for working around trees looking for powder stashes.


Enjoy your new skis!




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