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a basin at the end of may?

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 Hey, I'm considering going to a basin during the last week in may and am looking for some info. 


Since its a low snow year is it still pretty much certain that they will be open?


Will It be just groomers or will they have any ungroomed/moguled stuff? 


Any cheap motels that are on a bus route?


Is there a bus/shuttle from denver to summit county that time of year? 


Anything else I should know?



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A-basin apparently plans to stay open until June, so if you like spring skiing and are prepared to accept variable conditions - go for it. I'm sure they will have some fun terrain including big mogul runs. Not sure about shuttles from Denver, typically the answer to that question is better to rent car. At that time there is no pressure to reserve ahead, so you can play entire trip by ear. Some nice new snow out there lately.


Second hand motel info, believe at least Snowshoe is on Summit Co shuttle route, probably others:

Riverside Inn, Silverthorne. $30 night, dorm-style rooms. Used to be the Alpin Hutte, new owners and renovated.  Snowshoe Motel, Frisco, Super 8, Dillon

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Keep in mind that by that time of year they will close Palliavinci.  After the slide that killed a skier a few years ago they just don't risk it any more.  There will, however be other stuff open unless we get extremely warm weather.  This weeks storms certainly helped. 


Also look at the Luxury Inn in Silverthorne for lodging. 

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Greyhound has service from Denver to Frisco.  From Frisco you could take the Summit Stage to A-Basin, although I don't know how late in the spring it will be running. 

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Pali and Zuma will be closed by late May.  Zuma closes by early May and Pali by mid-May.  Few bumps left as of late May.  Mostly groomers and front side.  I stop skiing there once Pali lift closes.  bd

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You want steeps and ungroomed in late May, come to Mammoth.

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