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Stockli Laser SC

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I have been checking these out a stiffer replacement for my Supershapes, for some amatuer racing. Are these a good ski? All i hear is good reviews but for anyone that ski's them or demoed them how do they perform and feel on hardpack, ice, groomed, and granular (i'm out east powder is a rarity)

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Also what length ski should i look at I'm 5'6'' and weight around 210 pounds. I'm a pretty strong guy and currently ski 165's.

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Your age buddy ?

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I'm not sure how this applies but i'm 20 :) I've been skiing 18 years now. Oh and to add more to question are these stiffer than the super shapes?

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Yes, significantly stiffer than my 165 SS's, superb for rec racing based on my one demo, but I was pretty happy with a 163 at 165 lbs.for tighter course, would probably go 170 for all out more open. These like to turn turn turn, did not not like being off edge. Probably not for much outside racing or training or attacking ice. At 210 and I assume aggressive you'd want to assume 170, maybe the longest (177?) if you see these for more open courses. Also, you can play around with the flex a lot through the plate you put on. Personally, I'd slap a metal Vist on it.

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I ski Stockli's, and have always had good luck. I bought a pair of SC's 4-5 years ago, in maybe a 173 length? I'm 5'10", 225. I set them up with a VIST WC plate. I really was impressed with how they skied, but, after about 5-6 runs, they would totally decamber. The weirdest thing. Not only decamber, but actually almost rocker. I'd squeeze them at the waist and there would be a 10mm gap at the tips and tails. They would return to normal overnight. At the same time I had one of my first pairs of 184cm Stormrider XL's, which were pretty much becoming my everyday ski. Zero such issues. I always wondered if I should have mounted the Laser with just a binding lift, rather than a beefy plate like the VIST. I got a replacement pair, by the way, through the dealer early on {maybe 6 ski days into this}, and the second pair did the same thing. The guy who owns the shop is a good friend, and he and I were both perplexed. I never go near a bump unless it's pillow soft, so they weren't bent. I just wanted a bit of a shorter radius ski, for the "firm", buffed surface that I normally ski. I just couldn't get used to this phenomenon, and it created "head games" for me, so I stopped skiing them. I loved how they skied for those first runs, then I'd start thinking about them. I don't know if anybody else has had that issue. I'm not sure how much the construction has changed in the SC over the years. I think that ski had quite a bit of metal back then. They were a lot of ski, but seemed to do exactly what they were designed for. I will say that Stockli's tend to reward the good skier, and aren't terribly forgiving. Just my experience.

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ONe last question should i get a riser plate for them? I was thinking about the marker piston binding, but I don't know much about plates I don't think i've skied a ski that didn't have a plate on the ski or one integrated into the binding.

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I thought that I was making the right decision with the metal VIST plate, and I always wondered if that may have had something to do with my decambering. I'm pretty big, and my technique is sound. It may have not been the right match for the ski, though it seemed to be. That plate was/is a brute. I have VIST risers {not the plate} that raise my Salomon 916's and give me 10mm more of standheight on my Stormriders. I didn't want to mess with the flex after the SC experiment, and the ski flexes as if there was no plate. I would probably see what Stockli recommends. I would assume that they have tech advice either directly, or through the dealer. The Piston Plate might be a good solution, if you want Marker. My daughter uses them on all of her race skis {SL through DH} and they work. Some people think they are too damp, others not at all. I'm not sure what I'd do. My favorite plate these days is the VIST plate that Nordica mounts on their race skis.

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For racing am i better with with an extra riser at least to get that extra height?

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Have my SCs (170cm) mounted with Stoecki race place and Vist 416 bindings.  None of the issues that Muelski has suffered.  Love this ski.

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I didn't know stockli had a race plate...i didn't see one for sale on there site?

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I didn't know stockli had a race plate..?


They are actually by VIST.

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Get the WC Air, which has a heel that moves with ski flex, not the straightup WC, which reportedly is a monster. And I suspect a 225 aggressive skier pounding down on a 170? (no 173) could delam it regardless of plate or Swiss precision.  

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I demoed the laser SC in Feb. at Okemo and subsequently bought a pair of 163 cm, (07/08 model),  and had them mounted with Tyrollia FF 14s.  So far I have only skied them for 2  separate half days (I've been on new mojo 94s the rest of the time).  Although I don't do any racing, the SCs are a great ski.  I will try and post a review soon.  I do think they feel shorter than my old 163cm Head 1100 SWs.  If you plan on racing/skiing at higher speeds or on bigger mountains (my closest hills are in the Poconos), you may want to consider the 170cm.  Also, there may still be some 07/08s models around.  I was told the construction was the same as the 08/09 just a different topsheet.  By the way,  I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs.


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Cool thanks so much for all the feed back. I'm thinking of getting a pair of tyrolia bindings with thier carve plate for these babies.

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Please be aware that the SC is quite narrow with 63mm (should become wider for next season). The SL has 66mm what makes him more versatile. Even the SL doesn't belong to the stiffest skies, still below Fischer or Dynastar. And in a well sorted shop you can choose out of different flexes. I ski the current SL Fis which is quite stiff but still rather versatile, but needs more attention than the SL. I use it as my all-day-ski. For short turns I miss a little bit the smoothness of perhaps an Elan SLX Waveflex.


You should also consider the Spirit Globe with a wood-core. With 70mm it works much better in crude but is as sportiv as the SC.


With my SL FIS sometimes I also face a small decambering of a few mm, which disappears overnight.

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