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Help Me Rework My Quiver And Take Advantage of Current sales

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Me: 5'10...200 Pounds...Level 7+ Skier...Ski in the east...Bumps...More Bumps...Trees...As much Powder and Crud as I can find...as little hard fast groomer skiing as possible.


Current Skis...Blizzard Cronus 180cm and Dynastar Contact Ltd. 172cm.


Favorite ski to date: Blizzard Cronus.


The Cronus is truly my gold reference standard. Great as long as the snow is not too deep...better than I expected on hard snow...but not outstanding obviously...for me just fantastic in bumps and tight trees. Actually helped bring my bump skiing to a new level. I will keep this ski until it dies.


The Contact Ltd. is a good ski, no question...but when I have to use it (I hate to stay home and NOT ski) I just find it uninspiring. Too much shape in the front of the ski for me in bumps...less stable in chopped up snow that I would like...less stable at really high speeds than I would like.


So what do I want?


A ski that behaves as close to the Cronus in overall demeanor as possible but with more float...maybe a bit more powerful in really chopped up or heavy crud,,,but not so wide as to become a chore in bumps or trees. I ski with a fairly aggressive forward stance and fin the Cronus (at least in a 180) settles well below the surface when the snow is deeper than 6 or 8 inches.


Possible choices: Elan 999 (2010)...K2 Coomba...Nordica Enforcer...Watea 101..???????


I also want a ski that is more in the 75 to 82 mm width than the 72mm of the Contact Ltd. that is straighter...more to my liking in bumps...better in "some" crud...yet noticeably better that the Cronus on harder snow. Will still use it in the trees.


Possible choices: Elan 777...IM82...Elan 82Ti...Blizzard 8.1...Blizzard 7.6...Blizzard Supersonic....?????


Thanks in advance for your input. If I can take advantage of year end sales and maybe even sell my Contact Ltd. I can afford to buy both!




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Does no one have anything to say?

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I just recently acquired the Nordica Enforcer. I've found it very delightful in powder. I've only skiied it 3 times so far this year, but it was in powder every time. I like to in the trees and also steep chutes. I've found the Enforcers to also be better in moguls than my other pair of skis (07 Volkl AC30). It sounds to me like you're much more skilled than me at skiing so I'll just tell you what I've found of the Enforcers so far.


I find that they reward aggressiveness, and the more you push them, the more you get rewarded. I'm not exactly well skilled for steep tree runs, but of the ones I've done so far, the Enforcer did exactly what I wanted when I wanted and maneuvered itself quite well in untracked pow and chopped up pow. It has a nice sweet spot (in my opinion) if you find a steep area of untracked powder.


I ski the Enforcer in 177 by the way, I'm 5' 10", 200lbs and level 6.5-7 skier (I do mostly steep chutes, steep trees and as much powder I can find) and I ski in the canadian rockies. Not sure how these skis will in the east as I've never skied there.


I'd imagine that the K2 Coomba is similar to the Enforcer. I was actually following someone off a chair that had Coomba's as they were skiing in the same part as me and they seemed to get into a similar type of rythm in the powder as me.

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Thanks for the input! The Enforcers were a prime consideration for me. Even though I will not have the chance to demo them I liked the flex of the ski. If you find them to be more fun in the bumps than an AC30, they might just be perfect.

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