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Mid-April Skiing?

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Are there any good skiing options for a family getway in mid-April, specifically the week of April 13-17?  I did a search for April skiing and found some posts suggesting Aspen, but I see they close by April 12 this year.  We're on the east coast but were thinking of heading out West.  Thanks for any help. 

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I would consider Summit County Colorado.  The high altitude means good spring conditions and even the chance of a powder day or two.  I have also had good April skiing at Alta and Snowbird in Utah.

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You should try Europe. I assume you've never skied there, bigger mountains, and guaranteed snow on the glaciers with great spring snow above the 2300-2500 meter mark. Some suggestions are Val D'Isere (1850m)/Tignes (2100m) and Val Thorens (2300m).

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Sunshine Village is a solid bet for great conditions in mid-April.

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Thanks everyone.  I'll look into all of those suggestions. 

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If your family likes camping and skiing steeps, go to Tuckerman's! 

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Snowpack now -- less than a month out -- will be a decent indicator of snowpack then.


The best spring skiing I've done has been Tahoe (Alpine and Squaw), Mammoth and Utah (Snowbird). 


I don't think that Tahoe is going to be killer this April, as it hasn't been a great year for snow and there are no storms incoming on the long-term.  I could be -- and hope I am -- wrong.


Mammoth is claiming 10+ feet of base and should be open well into May.


Snowbird has an April 1 and later spring pass for $279, which should work well for you.  Slightly less base than Mammoth right now, but a lot more convenient to a major airport.  When I skied there the last weekend of May last year, there were some amazing deals for slopeside lodging.


I would definitely look at Europe too, although I've never spring skied there.  Val d'Isere is amazing, and as a teen, I loved the fact that (a) I could get anywhere on the free shuttle bus and (b) the drinking age was 14.  I'm not sure I'd do it for only a week, though, because you lose a full day to travel on either end, not to mention the jet lag.


I think Tony Crocker's site,, has recommendations for spring skiing.

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Any prognostications on what mid April will be like for the Banff resorts this year? Websites report 70-80 inches snowpack - how does this compare to usual depths? Any chance they won't be open?

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Sunshine Village will have plenty of snow above treeline well into June and later.


Lake Louise is presently planning to close the ski season after April 25-26, but you never know. My prediction is that the lower front side runs will be melted by mid-April, and you'll have to bus it between the parking lot to the mid-level lodge or take the gondola. There will be plenty of snow at the upper elevations.


Norquay may well be closed for the season.


No idea about Nakiska. 

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I forgot to mention one thing.


Alpine Meadows is doing a week-long Spring Camp -- five days of lessons starting 4/13 for 7 to 16 year olds for $345 including lift tickets.  Details here.

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Definitely hit up Mt Hood Meadows, Oregon. There's a least 10 ft there right now, and theyre usually open through may. I know Hood isn't a very national renowned resort but I think its amazing, lots of powder (and groomed, if thats what your into) and the best backcountry ever

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This is great info. everyone.  Thank you! 

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For mid April, Summit County. Try to get out there every year in April, haven't been disappointed yet. If you want to stay in the East, Sugarloaf is the place to be. Can still have mid winter conditions and fresh snow right up until May. Great ski and stay packages, and you'll have the place to yourself.

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Check the Alta Report for today. It looks like they will end up with over 6 feet of new snow this week.   Snowbird and Alta are open during the period you are considering.

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Anyone have any insights into Vail for mid-April?  I've never been, and see they are open until April 19th and have gotten a ton of snow in the past week.  Is it family friendly?  I'll be skiing with my 14 year old, who has been skiing easier blues in the northeast.     

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