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Blizzard Magnum 8.7 or 8.1 or Volkl AC30

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Hey guys,

I have never bought a pair of skis before and have always used rentals as I did not ski on a consistent basis. I'm now, however, going to for the next few years and want to buy a pair of skis. I ski mainly east coast and am 5ft7in and weigh 155 pounds. I am a level 7-8 skiier and im looking to improve.


I've been doing some research and have narrowed it down to either the Blizzard Magnum 8.7 or 8.1 or the Volkl AC30. Does anybody have any recommendations as to which is a better fit for me and what length (thinking 165/163) is good. Also would appreciate if you could also throw in good boot recommendations. Thanks.

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Need more info regarding what you want out of a ski. First, as far as the boot...and the boot IS first and fore most, get that taken care of at a good boot fitter. 

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Welcome to Epic. What Phil said about your wants and boots; would add that it's nearly impossible to pick a boot via recommendation, more about your foot shape and what kind of flex/handling you like. Do a search here for recommended fitters in your area. If there are none listed, go to the bootfitters forum and ask. IMO all brands out there make some good models, so worry more about a shop that comes recommended. 


Also, the skis you list vary considerably in what they ask of you. The AC30 and 8.1 are appropriate for a high intermediate who's athletic, and the 8.1 especially is a great all mountain skis for someone your size. But if you ski mostly groomed and a few bumps, lot of other great skis out there that might be better; Magnum 7.6 or Sonic, Atomic Blackeye, Head iM78 or 76, Dynastar Contact 10, list can go on and on.


The 8.7 IMO is more for true advanced and up, and is a fairly beefy, open slope ski for someone your size. Suggest you keep your horizons open, don't show up at a store telling them exactly what you want, rather ask to demo some models, talk to people, get a feel for the brands. Still decent spring skiing back here, and excellent deals at slopeside shops on demos, so you have time. Good luck!

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Hi, Thanks for the replies. Im looking for a all mountain ski that will allow me to try new things. Yes, currently I will be skiing mostly groomed trails and maybe a few bumps, but i want to expand on that and try new stuff. I also plan to go out west and ski there and get better on the bowls. I'm leaning towards just the 8.1 but still willing to look at the 7.6 or the blackeye. What's the major differences between the 8.1, 7.6, and the blackeye? and length wise, would a 165 8.1 be good for me?

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i think i am decided on the 8.1's. Anybody have any input on the length i should get? 

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Sorry to complicate things, but you may wanna consider the Elan 888's as well (177's).

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Originally Posted by monologuist View Post


Sorry to complicate things, but you may wanna consider the Elan 888's as well (177's).


Not to hijack but how are the 888's in EC short turns and groomers. I think they have a 20 something turning radius

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888 is very turny if you mount at center point (08/09 model).  Personally I preferred it mounted back a little, as it was still nearly as agile, but more stable.  For its waist size I think probably one of the easiest for quick or short turns.  On hardpack I found it to be excellent, also among the very best in its class.  Very quick edge to edge, agile, great grip, stable at speed.  It is best at Medium radius turns, but short are no problem.  The turning radius feels shorter than 21m.

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The 888 is a very nice ski, I know..I have them. The 8.7 is much more of a carving frontside ski (along with the 8.1 and AC30, I know I have them also (the 8.7's) , I agree with his thoughts that the 8.1 would be the best choice for what he says he wants, I think either the 165 (east) or 172 (west) would be a nice ski for you. 

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not to complicate things but what is the real difference between the 8.1 v. the 8.7.  I have explored the blizzard website and some of the prior posts but find it difficult to distinguish the real world differences between the two - and where the cronus fits in with them.



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