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Hey bumpfreaq.


Just got home from my own western swing, and because I did not remove that fancy camera rig from my bag all week, decided to throw in my two cents onto your thread. No sense in posting my own TR without any photographs.


Great to hang with you, Noodler, MDskier, and Mr. Vertical at BC on Sunday. I agree with the consensus, a real challenge to find soft snow, and my bases took a bit of a beating. Got pecked a few times by wayward chicken heads. Companionship of the bear crowd was a definite highlight of the day. Was whipped by 2:30, but lucked into VailSnopro for beer and wings. Then it started to snow.


Skied Vail solo on Monday. About 4 inches of fresh and cool temps led to nice soft turns being found in many places. Despite long warm spell there were still some deep stashes left in the trees at Blue Sky Basin. Only really nasty spots that I found were on Challenge and  Blue Ox. Then the sky opened up and led to...


A foot of fresh pow on Tuesday. Caught the third gondi car. Spectacular conditions all over the mountain. Hooting and hollering, and perhaps a few yodels resonated all over the vast mountain playground. Hooked up with offbtnpath and a pair of his buddies for their last day of the season. They were not disappointed, and I was in nearly hysterical, euphoric mode. Fireball's flight arrived early enough for him to make it onto the hill for the last couple of hours, so our surly mob cavorted joyfully until the lifts closed. More snow fell through the night.


Wednesday morning dawned with more fresh on the hill; an ideal day to show Fireball around Vail, as this markd his inaugural visit. After hooking up with Vailsnopro for a fast couple of laps before he has to head off to give a lesson, I drag Fireball all over the place as I try and give him as broad an overview of the immense area as possible in one day. Cold temps, overcast sky, and more snow ensure spectacular conditions.


Thursday is pretty much a repeat of Wednesday. Fresh snow, cold temps and great times on the hill. High winds force the back bowls to close early, so we play a bit on the sweet, soft bumps off of the Highline chair, then I foolishly follow Fireball over a cliff. Great fun, especially in retrospect. Whisky, Tequila and dinner with some friends from home leave me a bit shaky on Friday morning.


Friday is our blue-sky day for the week. Fireball gets his first spectacular scenic views of the Gore Range and other wonders.  The two of us ponder the possibility of taking a lesson. Vailsnopro’s advice to us prior to the ski school ski-off is to ski FAST and make some turns. Major good fortune leads to us comprising the entirety of Vailsnopro’s upper level class for the day. Our unruly triumvirate enjoys yet another awesome day, and I’m assisted mightily by VSP’s keen insight. His pointed suggestions lead to me making some of the most exhilarating runs of my skiing life. Unfortunately, this was almost definitely the last ski day that I’ll have this season, so I’ll just have to remember VSP’s advice and that wonderful feeling until next winter. Time to sharpen the edges on my water skis I guess.


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NO PICS?????? Bazzer!!!!!

LOL sounds like you had yet anouther blast.


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Originally Posted by Bazzer View Post


Hey bumpfreaq.


Well shoot, I thought I replied to this a few days ago.....


What I thought posted was that Bazzer, it's an honor to have you include your TR in my thread.  I'm very much looking forward to sharing some slopes with you next yearThumbs Up

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Monday, March 30


Powder day at Mary Jane.  Face shots all day long, awesome tree lines, lots of stuff to drop off of, powder bumps, sweet cruddy groomers and no lift lines.  Monday pow at the Jane.... does life get any better?


Well, it would have been cool if a Bear or two had exhibited the temerity to come up and ski with me but hey, I guess a few extra runs evened the scales.


I took exactly one pic.  It was of a pristine, snow blanketed Short Haul at 10:30am.  Shot was quite blurry though so it won't be seen here.  Please dry your tears before anyone sees.



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Tuesday, March 31


Whoooo!  Windy and cold!  A little more snow on top of yesterday's NOT skied out pow.  Conditions were 'brave it and it will pay off', body was 'please give me a break today'.  Getting started was like wading through thigh deep mud but I managed four hours in the middle of the day.


Good snow, great mountain, challenging weather, good day.

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Wednesday, April 1


Garyskr stopped by on his way to Summit County.  We had a really good day.  A few more inches on top of soft, soft left overs.  The wind died down and the top of the mountain opened for the first time in three days.  Sweet turns.


In Sterling trees, Gary and I skied up to a moose.  The moose led us to it's lair where it had tons of free lift tix and several pair of high end demo skis for us to choose from.  What a day!  I doubt it would have happened on any other day of the year.


Hey looky, it's garyskr!




There's that moose!

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Good thing Gary brought some sun.  Looks like the Freaq was losing his goggle tan from all the snow days.

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Freaq, I still envy you. You are a bad example to responsible adulthood. You really need to get back to work and leave some fun for the rest of us. I hope your odyssey never ends. Thanks for the pics.

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Hey, how long are you going to be up there?  I may be up there in the next few days as I got this email from my super asking me to come up and work some.   I may be able to still drink adult beverages at the end of the day.   I was leaning more towards riding fresh powder but my annual review is coming up soon.




Edit: looks like I will be up there tomorrow afternoon.  Tons of Band Kids want to learn to ski and snowboard for the next two weeks.

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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post


Freaq, I still envy you. You are a bad example to responsible adulthood. You really need to get back to work and leave some fun for the rest of us. I hope your odyssey never ends. Thanks for the pics.

Yeah, it's true.  Following my example would probably be bad for most peep's marriages and careers.  Like Evil Kneivel said, colour me lucky =)


Then again, think of me at 4am Monday morning.  I'll be hard at work.


Originally Posted by daysailer1 View Post


Hey, how long are you going to be up there?

Well if by 'up there' you mean Council Bluffs, Iowa, then I'll be here another seven hours or so =)


Maybe I'll see you next year.

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Thursday, April 2


More soft snow for my (most likely) last day of the season.  Had to hit the road about noon but I managed nine laps on the Super Guage.


I suppose peeps who spent the week at Steamboat deserve the good snow bragging rights, but man it was a good week at the Jane!


Here's some of what I'll be dreaming of 'til I return:


View from Super Guage


Golden Spike


Oops, more GS.  Well, it is my fave!


Until next year, I'll be looking west.

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CO has delivered some awesome end of season conditions!


Many thanks to Bazzer and Vailsnowpro for their awesome hospitality and tour of Vail.   Had a ton of fun, and as promised, Bazzer delivered tons of the white fluffy stuff.   I'm headed back to Summit County tomorrow and skiing sat-tues, so if anyone is in the area and wants to catch a few turns, beers, etc, give us a holler.


Bazz - keep shredding the gnar pow-pow!   Did you look at the forecast?   You should fly back out there tomorrow.  I don't know why you're hesitating!

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