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Silverton in April

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I am interested in traveling to Silverton early in April.  I am skeptical about the snow this year due to warm temperatures.   What do all of you think about the snow quality this April.




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Are you going unguided? Walk-up or reservations?


If no reservations, wait till it snows and go...


If guided, your guide will find you the good stuff, go and enjoy.


Even in low snow years its worth going.

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Silverton Mt. does not have a huge snowpack this season, but it is still not bad.  As for conditions, if you hit the weather right it has great spring skiing,  The high altitude sun cooks the different aspects throughout the day, and by April the snowpack has usually gone isothermal so the avalanche danger is minimal and they open up almost everything for unguided skiing and hiking.  The runouts on the bottom will probably all be pretty funky, but the skiing above that should be good if the temperature cooperates.

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