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divergent inside ske tip

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Can anyone suggest a likely cause of a divergent inside ski? ie: the inside ski turns more then the outside ski, resulting in non parallel skis, (tips farther apart then tails). I have 3 friends, all level 3 instructors, that do this.
It's easy to explain that the inside leg is rotating. What I'm trying to understand is why. Is there insuffecient pressure or edge angle? Or is it an indication that they are not properly balanced?(Hipps to far back?)
Any ideas?
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One thing that can do it is rotating the hips into the turn instead of developing a wee little bit of counter. Think about making a turn, say to the left and riding your outside, right ski. Now if you rotate your hips also the left, the inside ski will follow and you'll diverge.

If it feels like your hips are coming around the outside of the turn, like your squishing your butt into your tails and pushing them around the turn, this could be the cause.

Of course, there could be other things going on. This is just one idea.

Some changes that may help is to work on a strong inside half. Have your inside go around the turn first, not your outside.

The other thing is to more actively ski the inside ski. You might suggest some one-legged skiing on the inside ski (or maybe some 99%/1% skiing where 99% of the weight is on the inside ski).

Just some idea.



I'm just a level I instructor and these guys are level III instructors? Not sure why I even responded.
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Originally posted by KAZOOSKI:
Can anyone suggest a likely cause of a divergent inside ski?
What's the level of the skier in question?
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