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Full Tilt Advice

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I've always been curious about the Full Tilt but they don't sell them where I shop. Had a chance to buy a very lightly used pair very cheap. They're the first year bumble bee model. The Intuition liners in the Full Tilts seem significantly softer than my Intuition aftermarket liners. Do I really need to heat mold the Intuitions that come with the 2007 model Full Tilts or is it mostly marketing hype like most of the other original equipment "heat molded" liners?

Second question, do Full Tilts come without footbeds or did the foorbeds in these used ones just get moved to other boots? BTW, I put in a thin footbed.

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I usually get customers to ski the boots without heating them, but you can and there is no real downside to it.  If they feel fine, just ski them


the come without any footbed,  use a custom if it feels better then a flat one.


Go ski them, try some options, and see what is best for you.

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