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volkl 4 star ---Info please?

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Is anyone out there skiing the Volkl four star? It was recommended to me at several ski shops I have visited recently. I am looking for a carver, or something that will help with the carving more than the Bandit X does. They recommended that I ski on either the 158 or the 168's my bandits are 177cm. I want to go to a shorter ski. I am 5'9".

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The 4* is a great ski. I purchased a pair in the middle of last season. I had a chance to demo the 5* twice last year but cold not find a pair in a 168 to purchase so I purchased a pair of the 4*’s. I have the non-motion version with a piston 1400 mounted on them. I think the motion system dampens out the ski too much. I have a pair of Volkl carver motions in a 177 and never really liked them. They just weren’t snappy enough for me. For eastern skiing, I would consider this an all mountain ski. I skied these twice in over 6 inches of powder last year and they were fine with that 112mm tip. If you are looking to improve your carving skills, this ski is perfect. This ski wants to be up on edge all of the time. It handles bumps well too. What I really like about this ski, is you can crank out quick turns even at slow speeds. I like to ski fast and these skis are not bad at high speeds. I think that’s where the 5* takes over and the reason why I’m still interested in purchasing a pair. For size, both would be fine. It goes back to the type of turns you favor. Obviously the 158 will give you a smaller turning radius. I’m 6’0 and ski the 168. If you are skiing now on 177’s, I think a 168 would be fine. I’m considering selling mine as I just purchased a pair of Atomic SL9’s in a 160 and Head im75 chips and I’m still thinking a t50 5* in a 168 or 175. So, with all of that being said and if you are interested in purchasing a used pair in great shape, PM me. I work in Framingham.
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Height doesn't have much to do with ski size. Weight is the more important factor ... if you don't me asking, how much do you weigh? That's alright too if you don't want to share... a good place to start might be here: http://www.oshmans.com/info/index.jsp?categoryId=880541 or perhaps consult with a knowledgeable source to make sure your skis are sized properly.
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Yes, that would be true about weight versus height. Skierteach, you did say in another post that you were no lightweight so enough said about that. I weigh 195 and the 168’s are fine. Should I be on a 178?? Maybe, but I was looking for a quick edge to edge ski and the 4* is just that. That sizing chart may give you a basic idea but there are so many more variables with the new shaped skis. I’m on SL9’s in a 160 and that is the correct size. The Volkl t50’s can be skied on the shorter size. I still think the 168’s would be a more versatile
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I took a trip to Vermont today and stopped at several ski shops with great reputations. All of the people whom I spoke with said 158 to 168, but recommended the 158's as my first choice in this ski. A couple also recommended the Solomon SportCross cx-7 (I think I got it right) for me. My only concern is that I have heard from some people I know that because of the construction of this ski, they tend to go bad much quicker. This year they have the titanium in them, I wonder if this will make that any better.
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