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Cut and paste quirk?

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Are we stuck with the cumbersome pop up box EVERY time I need to cut and paste a word or a sentance? What's wrong with ctrl-c/ctrl-v???

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What's your OS/browser?


My browser only allows ctrl-c/ctrl-v when I want to cut and paste with the editor. I use Windows XP (2002 Home Edition) and Mozilla Firefox.

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Windows XP, IE


I am talking about the editor.


It ALWAYS ask if I allow access to the clipboard, TWICE! 


So, even though it "works", this is VERY annoying. Every PC tools of ANY kind allows ctrl-c/ctrl-v. It's expected, without endless re-confirmation!!!


(this is true of at least 2 PC's, one at my home and one at work, same OS/browser)

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I've had this happen, too, but I thought it was some new Microsoft security feature that had been installed with the latest patches from Microsoft. 

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Don't think so. Because I'm still able to ctrl-c/ctrl-v on just about every other board I post (skidiva, for example).


So it's not the OS, it's definitely a board issue. Annoying as hell! :-(


(That, and the well publicized "no backspace as delete" makes posting an absolute nightmare - or exercise in futility!)


I hate to say this. But this is a peice of over-engineered peice of junk I haven't seen since the height of the dot-com days.

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We're posting a fix for the inadvertant navigation away from the page ASAP so that your progress is saved. I would expect something will be up this week.


For the cut and paste issue, we test the site in IE6 and IE7 very carefully and haven't seen this issue. If you could, where are you cutting from? A word doc? Another web page? An image? Any additional detail would be helpful and I'll see if I can replicate and determine a fix.


Thanks very much.

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Within the reply window.



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The cut and paste issue is because of a security feature of Internet Explorer 7/8.  Because the editor is full-featured and you can paste much more information that to a plain textarea, Microsoft prevents access to the clipboard (so you get the Allow Access message).  In order to make it so that doesn't happen:


Within IE go to:

  1. Tools -> Internet Options
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Click Custom Level
  4. Scroll down to the Scripting section and you'll see "Allow Programmatic Clipboard Access"
  5. Change it to Allow
  6. Click OK to all the windows to close


If you wanted to be more careful with this, you could add Epic to "Trusted Sites" and only change this setting for that "Zone."


Please let me know if you have any issues.

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Yes, it happens to me too. Doesn't seem to matter what the source of the copied text is. Pop-up box needs two clicks (not a double click). It's annoying, but such a minor annoyance that I haven't brought it up.


I wonder if it could be a Vista thing? I believe I have only seen it on my wife's laptop, using Vista and IE7 (but not when using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). It does not happen on my office desktop, with Windows XP Pro and IE6, and I do not think it happens on my laptop, using XP Pro and IE 7. It seems like so many things in Vista that ask for a confirmation before doing something, so I have just chalked it up to that minor nuisance that "promises" better security.


Best regards,


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Oops--thanks, Ted. Somehow, I missed your post. Looks like a simple fix, and an intentional "feature" of Internet Explorer. It probably does happen on my laptop, then, with IE7--haven't used that much recently.


Best regards,


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