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Looking for Reccomendation on All-Mountain Kids Skis

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My son is about to turn 8.  He's around 50 lbs and a bit over 4 feet tall right now.  I'm looking to pick up some skis for him for next year.  I already have .75 to 4.5 DIN Solly bindings that I can transfer from his current skis if necessary (I'd also be fine with new skis that incorporate an integrated binding system).  I will wait to see how much he grows before I worry about boots for next year.  However, his boots will likely be in the MOD 20-21 size range next year (I am assuming he will grow a shoe size or two and gain 5-10 lbs by next season).


He's a rapidly improving (weekly lessons), aggressive, advanced intermediate skier.  He's not a racer, but he does ski the entire mountain (loves glades).  He does not like to ski the steeper black diamonds when conditions are scraped/icy (can't blame him), but I suspect he'll be skiing absolutely everything by the middle of next season.  He occasionally dabbles with the jumps in the park (no rails or jibs), and may show more interest in the park next year. 


Can anyone recommend a good all-mountain ski for kids that has at least some wood in the core and solid edge hold?  I'm looking for skis in the 115-125 cm range.  I'd prefer to keep the waist width at 75 mm or below (we ski in the East exclusively).  Partial or full TT not required, but would be an added benefit in case he shows more interest in the park next year.


Thanks in advance for your recommendations.



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I think that you might want to check the Dynastar team speed. They are great all over the mountain and have just a little bit of tail on them so your son can do some stuff in the park. I'm not sure whether they hav a wood core or not, but i have them i think that they ski great. They are also very light, and i think that you might find them to be a good ski for your needs.

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I would suggest looking into the Volkl Mantra Jr.  They are a bit wider under foot than what you specified (@ 80 mm), but they are definitely a junior ski designed for junior skiers (118, 128, 138, 148).  They are very light with a sensorwood core and the tails are turned up a bit, but are not a true twin tip.


My son is 11 yo and has the 138's (2nd season).  He is a racer, but loves these for whenever he is just free skiing.  He says they are a great all mountain ski that hold pretty well on the groomed and hard pack.  Any time he is not training or in the gates, he will choose his Mantra's.

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I agree around 120cm is a good choice for next year. You could go a tad longer (say no more than 10mm) if he will be a strong skier on any terrain under any condition. Google revealed a few better-than-entry-level choices here with a 70 to 75mm underfoot. Sorry, I am to lazy to look up the lengths available.


Rossi Phantom Jr (these work well if they are like the old Bandit Jr)

Head Mojo Two (the older version of this worked well also)

K2 Juvy

Salomon Fish

Volkl Bridge Jr

Armada Coda Jr


Good luck!

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Thanks to all for your suggestions. Gotta look for reviews on some of those skis.



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Add the Line Invader Mini (the most solidly built junior ski I've ever seen) to chanwmr's list.  My kids have skied and loved the Bandit Jr (which may now be the Phantom Jr), the Juvy, the Fischer Riu Jr (which I believe is the same as the Salomon Fish) and the Line Celebrity Mini (Invader Mini with girlie graphics).

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 Juvy and Fish are nice skis. There is also a nice Rossi twintip. Not sure what they call it but my daughter is on the Roxy version in a 105.

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Ditto on the Mantra Jr although it is a bit wider than you said you wanted.  A quality wood core junior ski.  My kid loves his.  I think the Volkl Bridge which has similar construction is more in the width you are seeking.

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+1 on Rossignol's junior offering, Bandit Jr. when my kid was on them. they are made as a real performance ski, the flex is truly proportional, not a toy. also hear good things about the Mantra Jr.

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Thanks for all the reccomendations.  I picked up the Solly Fish for my son in a 121 cm size for $80 from my local ski shop.  They're the model from a few years ago, the color scheme is orange and white and the waist came in right at 70mm.  I'll worry about bindings and boots once we get closer to next season.



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