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I've been thinking of getting some new boots. More out of lust I think. My present boot is Head S12 with Zip fit liners from 2 or 3 years ago. They fit well. I can ski all day and just have sore feet but I'm ready to go the next day with no problems. Head rates these as 9.6 on their stiffness scale(whatever that means). I was thinking of trying ther Rapter  boots. Short of getting a plug boot, can you get too much boot? By that I mean if you don't have great technique are you going to have problems? I ski mostly on 190 Gotomas or 177 Mantras. The only real hard snow I see is when I go to SunValley once a year. Most of my skiing is at Mammoth or Kirkwood, and then mostly off piste. I know fit is something that comes first before worrying about which brand> I mentioned the Head Raptors because I've had good luck with their foot last compared to others I've tried over the years. The price of the boots is not a major concern compare to fit and performance.