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Which Ski to Pick?

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Hi guys, I need your help picking skis. I just learned skiing this year and fell in love. I thought I did pretty well. I went on most of the diamonds in Tremblant and I'm still alive!


I'm looking to buy skis that will help me improve, even if they're a little unforgiving. I want to take some lessons next season and work on my form.


The ones I looked at are the Volkl AC30, and Atomic IZOR 9:7


I will ski mostly in eastern Canada where the snow is hard and Icy. I might make a trip to BC once a year and it would be nice if I can use my skis on the powder there.


What do you guys think of the above skis for me? What else do you recommend?





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No intermediates here that have a ski they like? Or advanced that like to share their knowledge?

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Hi, welcome. The two skis you mention are nice for the east, but here are a few that are better for you IMO. Suggest one of the following: Fischer Progressor 8, Blizzard Magnum 7.6 or Sonic, Atomic Blackeye, Volkl Tigershark 10 Ft. 

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Thanks for the recommendations Beyond. I'll look into them, have to do a little research.



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you could try k2 recons as well, good (not great) all mountain ski. good for most conditions in the east,

very forgiving.


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Personally, I would sink my money into skiing lessons and good boots before I even started thinking about buying skis. 

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Thanks guys. I'll look into the K2 as well.


Kelly: I already have good boots, and I will be taking lessons for sure, even though I'm buying skis. 

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I'm a Volkl person (own 3 diiferent pairs) and based on what your profile I think the AC30 is a great fit that can even take you out west when you're ready to travel.

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I actually own a pair of Volkl AC30s.  Just so you know, these skis are quite stiff and have a LOT of edge grip. They also kind of force you to be aggressive on them or they will bite a bit. I've skied in powder conditions as well (since I ski in the west only). While I appreciate that they really give you a workout, sometimes they feel a bit too much.  They might feel like too much ski for you, but I have no clue what to recommend otherwise. They have great grip on icy and hard conditions by the way. They will rip any groomer trail with the right amount of speed. At low speed, they will feel like a real workout. That's my opinion of them.


For me, I take them out when there hasn't been much recent snowfall at the place I'm going to. If there has, I take out my recently acquired Nordica Enforcers that are much wider and softer.

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I think you may be hard pressed to fing the Izor anymore since it's no longer being made.


I owned a pair of the 9:7's and liked them a lot. I consider myself to be a level 7 skier.


I think they might be a little too much ski for a relative beginner though. You may want to try the 7:5's if you can find them.  

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