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Candide Kamera-

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Anyone seen this yet?


Looks like he has a film coming out for next year, different, I think cool.

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Just watched it off the TGR link.  Absolutely amazing freeriding.  His ability to run technical lines with multiple airs (and stomps all of them) is phenomenal.  As stated over on TGR the guy is like a cat - you just can't seem to knock him down.

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 I'll get my popcorn ready

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Spectacular. Amazing. Beautiful. Astonishing.


So many words to describe this fantastic piece of footage.

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watching that made me feel real real good and peaceful.  that was beautiful.


thanks for posting.

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Wow.....  Killer skiing... That guy is smooth.

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What a great way to start my day. Thanks for posting. 

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Wow.  Killer lines!  Sweet pants.

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a friend sent this to meon facebook. pretty sick lines. If i had money, i would pay for those

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Both visually stunning and serene.  That's a tough combination.

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Great skiing plus great cinematography! 


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It helps that it is read HD video- makes the skiing feel a lot more real.  The guy is a French pro skier who had his share of close calls, I think he came back from a broken back; so no one is invincible and those jumps are not as effortless as they look.


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Part 2, amazing.

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It looks like these trailers are finally going to yield a whole movie this Fall. No doubt it will be well worth the wait!


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^^^  That sequence of huge exposed pillow lines is crazy.

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Now that is painfully beautiful skiing.
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