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Saturday in Vermont

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I'm thinking of making a trek for a day trip to Jay Peak tomorrow.   Does anybody have first hand experience on the conditions lately?  Have the glades been fun lately?   I would have fun on anything but Ice. 

If anybody else is going, it would be great to meet up with anybody intersested in skiing trees and chutes.



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Me and a buddy are hitting Stratton tomorrow.  We both have free tickets that need to be used this season.  It's supposed to get up to 40 at Stratton.  You should check the weather before heading up to Jay.  Jay is frozen solid right now and they are looking for a high of 36 degrees Saturday.  I think it will stay frozen in the woods and will not be worth the drive.  They canceled their Extreme skiing competition scheduled for tomorrow as well.

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what is the terrain like at stratton



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Flat and boring.  That's why they call it Flatton.  They've added a few glades, but glades are no great shakes unless they are filled with powder.

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Flatton doesn't have terrain. It has long, flat insipid groomers that are virtually indistingusable from each other.

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I actually LIKE Stratton, besides the lack of steeper terrain and the Gondola.


Here's some info on the terrain at Stratton IMO:


1) Amazing terrain parks

2) High capacity high speed lifts-- a lot of them. But then you have a 100 people skiing on some 50 ft of Black Bear.

3) Crowded--expect 10+ minute lines at the base and at URSA express. But practically no crowds anywhere else. Shooting Star is the best lift (no lines, high speed, great terrain, on powder day do Hollywood, the liftline of Shooting Star with 10 ft mandatory cliff, and Pipeline, the trees with some cliffs to the side of Upper Downeastern, which are two local spots)

4) The Gondola line is like a European line. Pushing, shoving, unorganized, at least 20 minutes and usually 30+. And then they squeeze 12 people into a 6 person gondola.

5) Plenty of cruisers.

6) No steeps! I don't think a 30 degree pitch exists on the mountain, and the steepest runs only go up to about 25 degrees for two turns.

7) The bumps are nice. Not a lot, but Beardown, World Cup, Grizzly Bear, Spruce, and Upper Standard are some good ones.

8) There are a lot of glades. And they're fun.


Must do Runs:

The bumps of Upper Standard (trail below the gondola)

Upper Downeastern (trail to the side of Shooting Star)

Why Not (gladed trail near Shooting Star that goes down the Sunbowl base)


I just think that taking laps on Shooting Star and skiing the double and single black trails are really fun and mixing it up with other runs in the area can make a day at Stratton very fun. Just don't head down to the base. You'll regret it.

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