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Nordica Boot Question

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We're skiing for Spring Break and my son just came home with a new pair of Nordica Sportmachine 12 boots.  He was telling me all about the boots and how they can be adjusted, tweaked etc.  I started asking him how to utilize all of the various technologies in the boots and he said that he didn't have a clue.  I asked him to show me an Owners Manual but all that came with the boots was a small red "booklet" from Nordica.  After looking it over I see that it's basically a warranty disclosure written in about a dozen languages.  I called the shop back and asked to speak to someone that is knowledgable about these boots. I was told that the person who might know about these things is out until next week.  The problem is that we won't be in town when he returns.  The person who sold him the boots told me that he knows these are great boots that have lots of great features because he hears the owner talling about them all of the time.  He said that because of the sale price of these boots that my son got a great deal even if all he figures out is how to buckle them properly so that they fit his feet.  


Question - is there some place online to go to find out how to properly wear, operate, tune, adjust, etc. these boots?  I went to Nordica's website and couldn't find a thing.   My next question is, can a custom fitted orthotic be utilized in these boots?  My son has one that he had made several years ago for a different brand of boots.  Can that orthotic be used in these boots?  One of the things he was told at the ski shop when he purchased these boots is that the footbed in them can be heated with a blow dryer and then once you put your feet into them it will custom mold to your foot.  Any idea as to whether that is true or not?


Any help about this will be much appreciated.


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most of the adjustments (on ANY boot) are made to help solve problems,  Sounds like you kids is happy with the boots, so the adjustments are not needed right now.


Sportmachines:  flex adjustment on the back,  makes it stiffer or softer


canting screws :   adjusts the upper cuff, from side to side, to help get a ski flat, and/or make the lower leg fit better in the boot


buckles:  help to hold your foot in place.


try replacing the stock footbed with the orthotic and see if it feels/skis better.  the LINER is heatable, the footbed is not.  Heating the liner will not make any large difference anyways



basically,  go ski them and see what happens after


Search around this site for more info, but might want to check the shell fit to make sure the boots are not too big (VERY common mistake)

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