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Squaw Valley lodging or Reno for outa towners?

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We are headed to Squaw next (mid)week for 2 days and nights.  We are two adv. intermediate skiers with a 10 year old son who can ski anything we can.  Originally thought we'd stay in Reno because it's cheaper but there are some pretty good deals on mountain for not that much more.  I have found ski in/ski out lodging to be well worth paying a little more so I'm leaning that way.  Are the prices at restaurants and entertainment options in squaw valley completely outrageous?  Anybody done this and have some input?

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If you have a car going into Truckee or Tahoe City will probably save you a little money since you're feeding a 10 year old. Plus it won't hurt to venture a little bit since you don't know the area well.


Have fun!

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Tahoe City is a nice small town right on the Lake. You can get decent lodging at Americas Best Value Inn for $80-$100 per night for a double and the hot tub is AOK with a view of the lake. There are several resturaunt choices and Cucina Fuminca is pretty good italian with nice wine and a nice staff nearby. Lots of other eats and it's next to Porters for any ski shop needs. It's a quick 10 min ride into town and back from Squaw and 20-25 min to Nstar. Tahoe City is my favorite place to stay when skiing the North Shore.

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Please consider the good karma, pay it forward, what goes around comes around dynamic of staying in Tahoe. Your skiing Squaw which is California. Nevada sucks and is a big drag on the lake IMO. Don't give the Ca ski dollars to Nev if you can make the call. Reno has a terrible feeling, big city crap in a nothing little city, all gambling and rednecks (not totally, but it's there). No one does anything there for any reason than to save a buck. Ugly, materialistic, backward, corrupt, crime ridden, recently impoverished. Tahoe, one of themost beautiful places on the planet. tough choice, NOT. My rant, not real accurate, but it's got a grain of truth.

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Funny,  When I lived in Tahoe on the Nevada side we thought Tahoe was a great place except for the arrogant, full-of-themselves Californians. 


For the OP,  it is a pretty long drive to Reno at the end of the ski day just to save a few bucks.  The suggestions of Tahoe City or Truckee are good options.



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I'm not surprised good deals are available after this season so far, and I would not stay in Reno (45+ minutes away from the hill) for a two-day midweek trip.  There will be well-priced options much closer to the hill.  If you haven't checked already, one good option -- particularly with a kid -- is the Squaw Valley Lodge; you should be able to join their Granite Chief Club for free, and their 1BR units have sleep couches in the family room.  There's also the River Ranch at the base of Alpine Meadows Road, which is a mile past Squaw Valley Road.  And good options in or near Tahoe City (20-25 minutes from Squaw) include Granlibakken and Sunnyside.


Dining at the base is somewhat more expensive than comparable meals elsewhere (with the possible exception of PlumpJack, which is expensive but comparably priced to comparable food off-hill and actually has a superb kids' menu).  I find most of the restaurants in the village to be too generic for my taste, but that could just be me.  If you're renting a car anyway, Tahoe City and Truckee have good variety for restaurants.


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I stayed here a couple of weeks ago and it was old, but  clean.





Lanza's in Kings Beach is a good  Italian place for families.

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Thanks for all the replies!  We ended up staying at the Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw.  They have full kitchens there so we just cooked our own meals.  It was GREAT! 

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