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Here it is, the middle of March 2009, Alpine Meadows has 170 inches on the mountain AND THEY'RE CLOSING APRIL 19TH !?!?!? WTF?


Gee, aren't they listed in that one "SKI" magazine as having one of the longest seasons in the west? Isn't there a die-hard, loyal following (both local and tourist) that lives for the Spring Corn season at Alpine? Can the economy truly be the reason for cutting our season so short? Time will tell as myself and many other longtime season pass holders either cut back to midweek passes or bail to Squaw altogether.


When JMA Ventures, LLC bought Alpine (and Homewood), they stuck their necks out and made claims that they "were going to take the areas back to a time when the locals were taken care of and appreciated..." That B.S. went out the window at the beginning of the season when they chose to open for three days with manmade snow on a swath a block long and twenty yards wide and THEN SHUT DOWN FOR FIVE DAYS FOLLOWING A HUGE DUMP!!!


Yeah, thanks to the vocal ranting of a few assertive locals, they did kick a few week-end days open for the midweek passholders to limit a riot en mass, but things were only to get worse, not better.


With a limited staff on hand, they tried lift maze configurations that reduced the number of lifties needed to check tickets, which resulted in much confusion and heated tempers, as well as making it a hassle and dangerous for people entering the maze or trying to get past to get to the lodge.


Fortunately, the voices of those on the frontlines, the lifties, were eventually heard and they went back to the tried and true method of getting people in and out of the base area.


The closing or non operation of certain lifts came next, and all of that can't be blamed on weather related issues or a lack of skiers on the hill. The term "money hold" became the norm and a part of everyday chairlift discussions. At one point, we were threatened with the prospect of the Sherwood chair shutting down in mid-January and NOT spinning again this year, even if we got more snow. This came to pass and the threat proved to be idle, but the mere thought of the management putting these kinds of things out for us to digest was enough to further incite our ire and for us to long for the days when POWDR CORP was calling the shots (not that they didn't piss us off too; just not nearly as much as JMA has so far!).


Now, with some of the potentially best Spring skiing conditions in recent memory, they're pulling the plug with the earliest closing date since 1976 (hmm, that was a really meager snow year, yes? 170 inches on top right now...get real!!!)!


I spoke with someone in management to make my points and to see if I could be a voice for my midweek passholder buddies and find out if they were going to open week-ends to the midweekers as they have in the past, and was told that "probably not" was going to happen. Then I brought up the fact that
Squaw Valley just announced some of the best value, lowest priced passes in the country for next season and wanted to know how Alpine planned to respond. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that "what you do with your money is your business. Leave running a resort to us..."


So, thanks for the loyalty Alpine Meadows! You've made it clear that you don't value my business or intend to support your local customer base. Word will get out and many people like myself, will do whatever it takes to limit the amount of money that we flow your way. Yes, things are tough all over, money is harder to come by and more is being put into other things, but for those of us that have built our lives to accommodate the pursuit of our passion, we will be doing less of it in a way that lines your pockets to any degree.


So, look out KT-22, here we come!!!!!

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Alpine does indeed suck this year. early season the first big snow came suddenly and they were not ready so they didn't even open, siting too much snow, have to get the mountain together as the reason. funny part was they were running a big tv ad campaign at the exact time. Alpine is un-spoiled, un-crowded, un-this and non-that, and I added: and UN-OPEN.


as this is the first year they are under some new corporate ownership by some unknown (to many of us) corporation, this stands as a warning to all skiers against this kind of bean-counter ownership. slam them till it hurts, but don't move to the next valley over.

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I was up at Alpine Meadows today and it has more snow than

I've seen in years for this time of year.  One would think they

could stay open until the first Sunday in May just for the

marketing bragging rights.  Or they could just open weekends

for all the people in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Reno to

come up. 


To Alpine Meadows management:  fire you're beancounters and

get some real skiers running the place, the money will follow.



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Alpine Meadows is a great mountain, regardless of who owns it. I've been riding it for 20 years.

The economy sucks. The skiers that are not skiing and making the numbers suck, well, suck. Staying open for 50 locals on a midweek only made sense in an economy long dead. Look at all the other resorts that took an early out. But not Squaw. But Squaw hasn't always been known for their great management decisions either. "We're on a lift to nowhere!" The village is starting to fall apart. I hope they can buy it back.

The Alpine owners have made sucky decisions...but it's their mountain. It's their money. But have fun standing in line at KT with 15,000 people on a powder day. More powder for us at Alpine.

And with pass prices as low as they are, I'm buying passes to both. Squaw midweek. Alpine weekend. Just picked up a Squaw spring pass. It's kinda cool to switch out at the end and hittup Squaw just as everyone else hits up the golf courses.


The core Alpine skiers are bummed, but still happy. We're just happy skiers. The angst ridden ride better elsewhere. Boreal! There you go! And if you want to ski a well run mountain, go to HeaVAILy or ParkFar. Diversitfy your portfolio. You can't go wrong then.


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Ok, tahoebru, I think you suck. The teen pass for Squawlywood is 500 smackers, and AM's teen pass was 200 when I bought it, and if you bought early in the year the AM adult pass would be cheaper as well. So best deal in Tahoe, I think not. Not to mention la touristas. AM is the best. I agree with dirtycowboy.
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Okay, Adam and dirtycowboy; you can both pretty much back off.

After my OP Alpine dropped their pants (to their knees and NOT their ankles like they should have) and in a reactionary move, dropped their season pass prices and made paying for them convenient with the down payment/balance due in September trip.

Not at any point in my OP did I EVER say that I was bailing on Alpine all-together! After 20+ years of being an Alpine local, I knew that I was going to be back, whether it was with the random day ticket or pulling in the many favors owed to me with comps.

Since I hate week-ends (and you and your idiot teen-agers) because of the "turistas", I went ahead and got the Sunday-Friday pass at Alpine and fully intend to use it to its full advantage!

In regards to the KT hordes on powder days, I've been skiing Squaw WAY too long to deal with all of the poseurs on a fat pow day waiting for KT to spin! I know my way around the mountain in ways that don't require dealing with the assholes and attitudes on KT and having the patrol frequency hook-up keeps me far ahead of the pack when new parts of the mountain are about to open.

Besides, on really fat days, I prefer Alpine and can always be seen in the Summit corral no later that 8:00 with a newspaper, cup of coffee and tunes in my helmet to drown out the mutterings of the other hounds!

I got in 108 days at Alpine and another 20 between Squaw and Mt. Rose last season, and hope to better that this year. How many days did you and your mutants get in?

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WOW a mud fight twixt the new kids!!!!

where is the popcorn when you need it!ah there it is!

carry on

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Originally Posted by skier_j View Post

WOW a mud fight twixt the new kids!!!!

where is the popcorn when you need it!ah there it is!

carry on

You said it J, with gems like "Okay, Adam and dirtycowboy; you can both pretty much back off.", I hope the controversy continues.
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Bite me.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post

Bite me.

HEY! You can pretty much back off!
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I'm here to post in this very important thread.
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Whoa, dude, chill. I wasn't bagging on you personally. I too was disappointed last year when they announced that they were closing early and that was a bad career move on their part. I have been skiing since I was 3, and I too know my way around a mtn. But saying "Oh, yeah, AM sucks so hard, they closed early, how dare they!"is a bit (for lack of a better word) childish, the world isn't going to end. If they want to close early in the year, that's their call, and if you want to pay their losses I'm sure they would have gladly stayed open. Me and (my "ahem" mutants) got in 50+ days last year at Alpine (mostly because of school and work). So don't look down on me as the same as every other asshole teenager on the mountain, because I'm not. But if you want to bag on a 16 year old kid to make yourself feel better thats fine with me. You stick to your side of the mountain and I'll stick to mine.
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Alpine Meadows management sucks!   Mt. Bachelor is for sissys!  Montana is for bowlegged cowboys only on mono-skis.  AND last but not least  Silver Mt. is run by a Window Company - Double Pain ones at that. Damn life just ain't fair!!!
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Your momma's so fat she has to ride the Funitel on her own. At low speed.
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is that the best ya'all can do??

step it up boyz!
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"Childish"? Immature? Asshole?

I've been called WAY worse by way better than you!

I wasn't necessarily "bagging" on 16 year olds (even though one did take me out as I was traversing from the Rock Garden to Red-Green/or whatever they call it now, and he came flying down the shoulder of Sympathy without looking BELOW him!). I could care less about YOUR kids or anybody elses brats as long as they pay attention and know the rules of the road!

As for my OP about Alpine "sucking", you need to look at the whole picture dude! It was a culmination of the things that have transgressed over the past two seasons and after JMA made grand overtures of how they were going to return to the "old ways" and take care of and support the locals.Sounded great at the time and I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but as things played out, they clearly dropped the ball and have turned out to be worse than powdr corp!

Since the web has turned out to be a place to vent, rant and bitch about things important or mundane, I have just been expressing my feelings here just as I would on Summit Six with my bros! Since we all share the same opinions (and will all be splitting our time between Alpine and Squaw this year), the bitching will hopefully be less this year, unless JMA makes things worse and screws up again.

So don't get your panties all up in a wad about things I say and feel about your carpet apes! Congrats on having kids, just keep'em out of my way!
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Going out on a limb TahoeBru is under 30.

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If you knew how to use the english language, you would understand that I don't have kids and that I didn't call you the asshole. I was calling the other teenagers on the hill who can barely stand up on a pair of sticks and then talk crap assholes. Since most of everyone else sees teenagers and instantly puts them in that catagory.
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I'm glad I ski in New Mexico.
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Seriously? You couldn't be MORE off-base!

I passed "under 30" about twenty years ago!

Fat skis make me feel like I'm 40 again, but I'm clearly way older than you ass-ume!!!
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Oh, exuuuuse me, I seriously underestimated your age, it must be because you act so immature. But if you want your "claim-de-fame" on this one you can have it, you win, but remember internet fights are like running in the special olympics, 'cause even if you win, your still retarded.
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Me thinks they're both acting about as old in years as they are in post counts
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Me thinks they're both acting about as old in years as they are in post counts

THAWAP!  :fight:
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Me thinks they're both acting about as old in years as they are in post counts

taho-bro and adam sturgeon 17

     VA and CR 16,402
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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

I'm glad I ski in New Mexico.

There's a New Mexico??

Sorry, I just couldn't be left out of the chess master-like exchanges in this thread. No offense to Snowfan, of course. New guys: bring it! Need something to do around here.
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Personally, I'm glad that I have more of a life than sitting around trying to get my post counts in any forum up to 10,000 (what's up with that)?

Besides skiing 100+ days per year, my bride and I also get 80+ days of windsurfing in. As a matter of fact, we just got off the water here in The Delta after a sweet morning session of 20mph+ during the ebb tide (not that has any signifcance to you non-windsurfers)!

So, spending excess time posting and being an idiot internet warrior is just not a part of our schedule!

As for my immaturity, my statements in my OP and beyond are no different than what has been said and felt all around North Tahoe. Take a look at Ryan Wexler's full page rant that was published in Moonshine Ink.

If you're already getting all stodgey and turning into an old fogey and have lost the youthful exuberance that skiing and being active affords, I feel sorry for you because a big part of you has already died!

Being active in skiing, windsurfing, surfing, mountain biking and keeping our three dogs healthy keeps us young; not "immature"!

Of course, "you're" (NOT "YOUR") welcome to "your" (NOT "YOU'RE") opinion, cuz as the saying goes, "they're like assholes; everybody has one".
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 Sherman Island/Delta is a nice area. Every go to Hood River? It's ok about the age thing,I used a winky,right.
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Originally Posted by TahoeBru View Post

Personally, I'm glad that I have more of a life than sitting around trying to get my post counts in any forum up to 10,000 (what's up with that)?


Wow.  Clearly, you're here to make friends and influence people.
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Originally Posted by TheDad View Post

Wow.  Clearly, you're here to make friends and influence people.

I have plenty of friends, and didn't find a single one of them on the internet!

Our crew at Alpine is never smaller than 8 and we hit an all time high of 32 people on Summit Six last year, ALL of them "friends". It makes it difficult to coordinate and agree on where we're going and we probably piss people like you off since we take up too much space in the unloading zone, but my "friends" make the experience that much more fun!

As for "influencing" people, I let my skiing speak for itself. I don't need the stinking internet to make friends or sway others from their ways of thinking, and my skiing speaks volumes of how much time and dedication I've put into my passion, and people are going to think whatever they want anyway.

Originally Posted by slider View Post

 Sherman Island/Delta is a nice area. Every go to Hood River? It's ok about the age thing,I used a winky,right.

Yeah, we love Rio! Our little trailer here at The Sign is a nice retreat from Tahoe in the summer.

We've been to The Gorge several times to sail with some of our "friends" from Alpine and it's just ok. Getting your arms ripped out of your shoulders on super small gear is good and all, and never having to really pinch to stay upwind is kinda cool, but when we're in Oregon, we prefer the coast (Gold Beach, Manzanita, Florence). The water's super cold, but we've gotten some awesome wave sessions!

This summer in The Delta has been a bit hit and miss, but it's been really good the past few days. We were stoked to find our first issue of Powder that was forwarded to our PO Box in Rio Vista yesterday though! Shows that we're only a couple of months from finding out what mother nature AND Art Chapman have in store for us this year!!!
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Originally Posted by TahoeBru View Post

I have plenty of friends, and didn't find a single one of them on the internet!

Clearly.  Because on the internet, you come off as a dick-waving troll.

Just sayin'.

(Oh, and the "make friends and influence people" comment was a reference to Dale Carnegie.)
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