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Wide Feet!

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Hey yall,




      Here is what I have going on, my feet are a size 11 and I have to wear size 11.5 2E shoes and those are pretty tight for the first month.


     Getting ready for a ski trip I went out to a ski store and bought boots ( Salomon X wave 10 that were 28.5) the bootfitter (not professional) in the store told me that these were going to be real nice and wide. I tried them on and they were a little snug, so I went home and I wore them for a little while before my trip and they were still tight.



     So my trip comes and we head up to Wolf Creek CO. and I put the boots on and step into my skis and about 10 min later my feet go num and i cant feel anything, so I take off the boots and I go and rent some and those dont fit either and then I am forced to size up in boots which made my performance go down significantly. While all this was going on I had taken my boots to a local store and had then stretched, I tried those the next day and still the pain was unbearable after 5 min. So I am going to get rid of these boots and try something next season.



     All of this brings me to my question, what should I be looking at? The (professional) bootfitter out here in CO. told me to look into tecnica HVL's. Also I was looking at maybe some custom boots, like surefit or something like that. I really want to find some wide nice fitting boots becuase I really want to continue skiing and not have to switch to snowboarding or stop completely.




I appreciate everything and anything. Thanks! 

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why not buy boots from that bootfitter in CO?

any boot, (for just about any body) will need some adjustments, so better to hunt for a good bootfitter, They will have wide boots, might do the work for free to make them fit you 100%.


surefoot is a large chain,   mixed results, depends on the person that you get, so again hunt for a person, not a chain, or brand

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dito on everything mntlion said.


Also, sometimes a bootfitter will stretch a boot but it might need even more stretching.  Try going back to a good bootfitter and have them stretch them even more.


Note: just because they were stretch once does not mean they cannot be stretch more.

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I have wide feet as well.  Have your boots stretched more.  I have Lange Fluid 100s and it took many trips to the boot fitter to get them stretched enough.  (Unfortunately, the boot fitter went out of business the winter.)


Hey Mntlion, i was up in Banff  a week or two ago and chatted with your co-worker about pronation.  He was very helpful.  I offered him some $ for his time but he said no problem.  I really appreciated the help.

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sven:  glad that it worked out for you.  Did you leave us some beer???


Nosh:  you can get boots made wider, but they can not be shrunk, so get a tight heel, and get the forefoot made wider as needed.


also thinner socks, looser (or off) toe buckles, thinner footbeds, custom footbeds, all will help


Best to see a good bootfitter and see what they can do.


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