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Ski Boots For Really Wide Feet

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Hey yall,


      Here is what I have going on, my feet are a size 11 and I have to wear size 11.5 2E shoes and those are pretty tight for the first month.

     Getting ready for a ski trip I went out to a ski store and bought boots ( Salomon X wave 10) the bootfitter (not professional) in the store told me that these were going to be real nice and wide. I tried them on and they were a little snug, so I went home and I wore them for a little while before my trip and they were still tight.

     So my trip comes and we head up to Wolf Creek CO. and I put the boots on and step into my skis and about 10 min later my feet go num and i cant feel anything, so I take off the boots and I go and rent some and those dont fit either and then I am forced to size up in boots which made my performance go down significantly. While all this was going on I had taken my boots to a local store and had then stretched, I tried those the next day and still the pain was unbearable after 5 min. So I am going to get rid of these boots and try something next season.


     All of this brings me to my question, which boots are right for me. Has anyone had problems similar to this and if so what did they do, or does anyone know of any really wide boots. The (professional) bootfitter out here in CO. told me to look into tecnica HVL's has anyone tried these. Also I was looking at maybe some custom boots, like surefit or something like that. I really want to find some wide nice fitting boots becuase I really want to continue skiing and not have to switch to snowboarding or stop completely.


As a side note. this has not been a problem in my past because I was at a level that sizing up in boots didn’t effect my skiing, but now that I am getting a little more advanced I can tell that I need to get the right fitting boot.


I appreciate everything and anything. Thanks! 


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Go on over to the bootfitting forum, and start reading. You will find more information on bootfitting, and finding a proper bootfitter than anywhere else.

The key is the shell fit and the bootfitter. Once the shell fit is close the fitter can work his\her magic on them and your feet should be happy.

An EE width isn't really a problem. There are quite a few wide lasted boots out there, and more than enough good bootfitters who can punch, grind and modify most anything to make it fit.

Find a fitter in your area, and go from there.



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atomic b series boots are wide and have a huuuuuge toebox


lots of companies make wide boots. dont fart around with your boot purchase...go somewhere where the people know whats up 

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