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Bootfitting on vacation.......

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Lets say.......

I have a good boot fitter with whom I have a lot of faith.

I have just gotten custom foot beds

My boots with trim to fit work okay, but the customs will work GREAT, once some tweaking is done.


I'm heading out on vacation.

Do I 

A) let a vacation spot boot guy do some temporary tweaking to get me by

B) use my old trim to fits until I can get back home to the guy I'll be working with

C) Do some serious boot work with the vacation spot boot guy.

C-2) What is the likelyhood that the vacation boot guy will do stuff that will interfere with Home boot guys intended work?


From a boot fitter stand point, what do you want to see happen in this scenario?

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Not to interrupt the boot fitter flow, but iaren't ou going to be at Big Sky ESA in about a week, where several of these boot specialists are going to be available?


BTW, have fun, and wish I could be there too..and you just got back from Colorado today right?

Girls just want to have fun?

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D) Bring your faithful boot fitter with you!

E) Shower your vacation boot guy(s) with love and go skiing!

F) Crush ping pong balls with your vacation boot guys

G) Let your vacation guy assess your fb and your issues and discuss options and decide what is best, knowing that your vaca guy respects your local guys skills.

H) Shower your vaca boot guy with hugs and kisses again!

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Cirquerider, Yes, ....Yes I am going to Big Sky where I will be in the presence of some great boot fitting minds.

And Yes, I did just get back home from Colorado.



D) Faithful boot fitter has been invited by me but can not attend

E) Showering my vacation boot fitter(s) with love is a given, Skiing is another given

F) You bringing the ping pong balls?

G) Vacation guy assessment is another given, especially knowing the mutual respect of vacation guy and faithful at home fitter.

H) Shower vaca boot guy with hugs and kisses again?  Okay, if its necessary for comfy feet. 

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Originally Posted by CEM View Post



You have time to buy a plane ticket 

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i looked, but it is 16 hours + of travel, and i have to be back to go to france where the snow is great on the 3rd april


be warned it may happen some time

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Big Sky report on Vacation Bootfitting from TrekTart


I would like to thank and praise Bud for his attention to my boot fitting needs, while showing a great deal of respect for my Home Mountain Bootfitter.


Bud added shims to the interior of my boots to take up the space so that I could use the foot beds that Jim made for me, while leaving the foot beds for Jim to tweek if necessary(I don't believe it will be necessary)


Bud also skied with my group at ESA and analyzed my alignment while skiing(as well as a couple others)  to serve the dry land boot fitting.


He planed my boots and fixed me up.  I'd like to say that he was the A(answer) to my Q-(angle)


If anyone has further questions about his fitting, perhaps he'll chime in and explain.


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I would have Jim look at that 2nd met head and perhaps dimple and sand the footbed to redistribute the pressure from that point!?


Trek was a classic A frame and a simple sole canting adjustment is all she needed.  Her footbeds supported her foot appropriately and her cuffs were aligned properly.  I do not recall, but I do not believe we made any changes to her fore/aft plane as it looked good both statically and dynamically.  She commented after her canting adjustments that the first few turns felt like home!


Glad we could fix your "Q" Trek! 



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Bud, thanks for taking the time, both at ESA and here on the forum.


I will have Jim look at the 2nd met head.  I'm sure it will be an easy fix, as you suggested.


One more question:

Right now I have the hard zeppa in the boots.  Would the soft zeppa make a difference in the met head concern? 

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While this area is for response only by the boot fitters and the OP, I think this is a good question and merits a response.


I have not been to several boot fitters.  I have only been to Jim with Precision Footworks, who has done a great job with my boot fitting.

He initially thermo fit my liners and cut my "trim to fit" foot beds for me as well as did a cuff alignment on my right boot to help eliminate my q angle until I could get back to him for custom foot beds and a complete evaluation.


Due to some complications in my life I cancelled a few appointments with Jim and was not able to  get int to see him and have my foot beds built.  He was sure that he would be planing my boots as Bud did, but again, I just didn't get in to see him.


As for the time I went to the fitter at Aspen Snowmass:

My coach suggested that I see Mosh and try some shims or wedges to see if I could find a temporary solution until I got to my Jim back home for the planing.  I spent a very minimal amount of time with Willie(mosh's accomplice) and realized that this was not the rout for me because they took up too much of my boot volume and were extremely uncomfortable.


Back home, I finally got the foot beds made and knew I was well on my way to a fix, but this was only a week away from going to BigSky ESA and Jim was booked solid in his shop.


So, really there were two boot fitters involved in this process, and they served me well when I gave them my time and feedback.



In short: Boot fitting requires that the fitter be knowledgeable and that the subject is capable of giving good feedback.



Originally Posted by skier31 View Post

I have seen the posts from TC about her bootfitting experience at home and I believe she had work done while at ESA in Snowmass.  This is not a post about directing blame at any of the people who did prior work on her boots but why does it take several people to get someone's boots correct, if as Bud says, it was an easy fix? Most people don't have the luxury of going to several different boot fitters.  If a person make the effort and spends the money to go to a bootfitter, shouldn't that person expect to have the job done right by one bootfitter unless they have some really extraordinary issues? 


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