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Ski equipment advice

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I recently got back into the sport after a long lay off.  I was looking into purchasing used equipment so I can save some money and don't have to keep renting.  I was looking at a used pair of Nordica Speedmach 2 and a used pair of Volkl supersport 6 stars.  I am 6'03" 270Lbs and ski fairly aggressively.  I am looking for advice on which pair would be better suited for my size and ability.  Any suggestions on those particular skis or any other makes and models would be appreciated.

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First off, don't buy used boots or even discount boots.  The money save won't seem like a lot when you're in pain on the mountain.  Find a good boot shop and good boot fitter!  How do you know one?  Simple, they will listen to how and what you ski, they will measure your foot, they will bring out several pairs of boots, take the liners out and be sure it is the right size shell for you.  Next you'll try on a few boots to see which fits best.  When you've finally made your decision pay the extra money for custom foot beds, they are well worth it.  By the way, be prepared to spend 3+ hours doing this and if they boot shop doesn't follow the steps I've outlined above, find another. 


So now that you've spent so much money on boots, keep renting skis until you have some idea what you're looking for in the conditions you ski and where you ski. 

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