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super steeps question

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I just got back from a great trip to Whistler where one day we went out with a guide for some tips and a little tour.

In a few places we dropped into, one of the tips was "The wall behind you and your uphill hand are like magnets. They want to come together, Keep that up hill hand in front of you and away from the hill! Touching the hill next to you is "death""

Boy was she right! It was almost like someone was pulling your hand back against that wall! and every time it got close it was harder to keep control. Good thing she was yelling at us most of the time to keep that hand away!

Any other tips like that?

Spanky's ladder on the back side of Glacier was great fun...

PS: some of these steeps were the kind that if you stand straight up on the slope you can't extend your uphill arm out or you would push yourself over.

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Great tip, Dchan, and it sounds like a great trip!

Yes, keeping both hands downhill and in front of you on the steeps keeps you from leaning up into the hill, which helps you control your edge angle, and also helps prevent you from initiating the next turn with upper body rotation.

This is the issue we discussed last fall, about a photograph someone had linked to...wish I could remember where that was!

How was the snow at Whistler/Blackcomb?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Things that I find most critical for me (granted I do not think I have been on something that steep) are:

1. Keeping the body perpendicular to the hill (not leaning into the hill), and
2. facing downhill at all times.
3. Reaaaaaaaching down for every pole plant, and
4. keeping pole plants going which sets up my timing/triggers next turn.
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Keep a soft uphill leg to accomidate the terrain. Ski the ski under you. Enjoy the sense of falling while in contol.
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Resist the temptation to hop the entire ski. Concentrate on keeping the shovel end on the snow. You will either use it to "scoop" through the beginning of a steep carved turn or, in some cases, as a pivot point for a quick ski displacement. Thinking about the shovel end of the skis as a brace, as a platform that you can depend on, will help project your mind DOWN the fall line, away from that wall behind you that LOOKS solid, but has no handles to grab.
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I was skiing the steeps in Whistler at the same time you were. Our advice from our instructor was very similar-he called ( in his French Canadian accent) the uphill hand the "dead hand" as in drop it and your'e dead. The other advise was to get the downhill shoulder and hand out to keep the weight on the downhill ski.

BTW since you left there has been more snow and we spent today in nice fresh pow although the top of the mountain was closed due to wind.
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How about straighlining you gapers? :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gaper Police:
How about straighlining you gapers? :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Oooh it's the POLE-eece. Hey GP, how can I send you PM's if yous gots yourin PM O'meter turned to the off poseetion? (I'm such a sucker for a man in a UNEFORM)
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gaper Police:
How about straighlining you gapers? :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

How about learning to spell, powderbum.

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Gaper police,
how much skill does it take to straightline? I'd like to take your somewhat negative attitude to a place where straighlining is out of the question and billy goat turns are necessary. Than we'll see if you have the skills they've mentioned above. Or maybe we'd have to call the gaper police on you?

There is a time for straightlining, I just see fearless young skiers trying to skip over usefull skills and some day it's going to come back and bite them.
cheers, Holiday
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Holiday, I do agree with you!
To me, the purpouse of skiing is to make turns, wide, narrow, every art of turns, not to straightline per se(is this spelled correctly, Fox? ).
As you said, there is a time to straightline, as there is a time not to.
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Hey M@tteo,
I don't mind about spelling mistakes from "normal" members, but when you get a powder blow-in, and they try to tell us that they know everything in their usual polite, constructive way, I think it is only right to laugh at their abismal spelling & grammar!

Your English is better than my Italian! Keep on posting. Keep on turning!

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You get 'em, Fox!

Not only is Fox the CEO of the prestigious Barking Leprechauns, but he's also got a pretty good eye for trolls.

Nice job.
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What the fox!
I don't believe it. SCSA and I are in agreement.

Thank you, my friend.


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Tee hee Fox, I was joking, not rebuking you!
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thanks, guys,
SCSA, I assume from other posts your from CO. I was thinking of taking a couple clients on a spring trip and was considering there. How's the skiing? I've heard it's a bit thin, but I'm skeptical of my source. Anyway, thankyou for the info, and maybe we'll see you in tahoe soon. Cheers, Holiday
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You and Eski are at the top of the pile. I really respect what you guys are doing and I can't wait to meet you both.

Anyway, I can't make it out this year, but am hoping you or E will be in CO. Sounds like you will be. If so, could I hook up with you for a day of training? Drop me a PM.

Anyway, here's the story.

I haven't been to the Basin yet. But, the base is still way low. Palivacini chair is open, but I've heard the bottom is still real boney.

Vail and the Beav have great snow, no doubt about it. The Beav has some of the best bumps anywhere -- and the bumps at the Beav are in great shape. So is Royal Elk glade. So if it's today, and it's an advanced client wanting to ski bumps and off-piste, I'd say Vail or the Beav is your best bet. But watch the weather, snow is forecast for this week.

If it starts snowing, you gotta consider Copper, my favorite mountain. I really love Copper. Not so much for steeps, but for off-piste and bumps.

Copper is still kinda boney - Resolution Bowl, where the best bump runs are, was still a little boney as of last Monday. But, I was there on Friday and skied Minedump and Oredeal - great bump runs. They were in great shape, no rocks, not even in the ruts.

So cheers to you guys and I'll catch up with you soon.


If Aspen Highlands is an option, you got to get to Highland Bowl. I haven't been yet, I'm going in 2 weeks, but I've heard it's rippin. I guess there's some 50 degree pitches there.

You know about the Basin - tough to argue against the Alleys. But again, wait and see how the coverage is.

The steeps at Loveland are great, really great -- but the Ridge isn't open yet. Over The Rainbow isn't open yet either. So Loveland, right now anyway, probably isn't ready for primetime.

So far, it's been an off-year out here for snow. I guess Steamboat has lots of snow but I haven't been yet.

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Okay keep the hands forward. I would use the term DRIVE them forward.

My tip is to use the uphill pole as a "feeler" for the snow\slope angle. You should feel light touchs with the uphill pole tip to assist with keeping you "falling with the hill". The uphill pole can assist with completing the triangle between the feet, the body core and the slope angle. Just make sure at each turn finish, ski platform establishment, however momentary that may be, that the up hill pole tip just lightly touches the snow\slope and so sets the skier\gravity\slope angle relationship.

Also the snow in Vail\BC is excellent, some hard, some soft, but all covered and the bumps and steep dropins have a soft top and a progresively firm set base. Ski with SCSA (as he has the time) and you will have a fantastic challenging day taking "locals routes".

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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