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Watea 94 vs Prophet?

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Me: 6' 150lbs level 6.5/7


After much searching, I haven't been able to come up with an answer to this question, so figured I'd simply ask it myself.  I currently ski a Volkl AC40, and as I've progressed this season, I've found it too stiff for the off-piste skiing I want to move into.  I demo'd the Watea 94 this season, and greatly enjoyed it, the flex worked for my light weight. 


My question is, how does a ski like the Prophet 90/100 compare to the Watea?  I grasp the construction differences, Metal matrix vs the carbon I-Beam.  How will the ride between the two compare, and, as it's a necessary question, how will the stiffness compare to the AC40?


Thank you for any thoughts!



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You really need to demo the Prophets to feel it for yourself, but with that metal cutout layer, they are bound to be damper than the Wateas (which are about as light and snappy as skis come).  The Watea 94s are among the best soft snow skis I have tried in recent years, and they ski well on groomers too (anything short of boilerplate ice).  If you liked them, I wouldn't look any further.  They would make a great complement to the AC40 -- different in many ways.

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Hi AWBorderCollie. I was making a similar purchase decision during the last few weeks.  I have a Volkl AC30 that I like, and I progressed this season quite a bit too (doing more off-piste skiing than before), and I found the AC30 to be too stiff for those type of conditions as well. I did a lot of reading online, opinions, comments, reviews and the like and in the end I settled on buying a Nordica Enforcer. I didn't have the opportunity to demo any skis where I live at all, so I just bought it based on other people's comments.


Since you have demo'd the Watea 94, it sounds to me like you are on the right track. If you really liked the Watea 94 for the type of conditions you are looking for, I would suggest going for that. I don't have the answer for your question in regards to the Line Prophet. I just wanted to say you're on the right track and good luck making your decision.

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Thanks for th quick responces.  I was just trying to find out of the skis are even inthe same class, as far as ride goes, especially for someone my weight.  You see lots of reviews from 190lbs guys, but not too many from us skinny guys.  And the term "stiff" and "soft" are thrown around, and i was just trying to apply them to what i know / want.


I may end up just going with the Watea, but with the number of options out there, I was just trying to explore a bit more.


Was also looking at the Fischer Misfit (Atua) which i assume is more of a similar ride to the Watea.  (What can I say, the idea of having a twin to learn to ski switch)

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I own the Prophet 100 and the Watea 84, and I did not demo the Watea 94, so this is a bit of a limited viewpoint, but in general:

The biggest difference I'll call out is the Prophet is a bit damper and more stable in chunky hard crud than the Watea.  Prophets won't plow through tough snow like the K2's, but I really like the more solid feel of the Prophets in those manky type conditions.

The Watea's are great skis in softer snow but last weekend I had a heck of a time on coral-head frozen stuff and the skis just didn't do well at all in the chunky crud - they got pushed around alot and were real "bouncy". I could ski it, and the ski held up well when I pushed it harder, but the Prophets just add an element of stability that make those conditions easier and more pleasant to ski. 


Both are excellent in soft snow.

Edit: I'm 5'9" and ~150lbs

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The Line Prophet 100 is the same ski as the Karhu Team 100. The Karhu's are at least $100 cheaper.


I have the Karhu's in 186. They are relatively soft, but stiffer than I orginally thought (Medium flex?). I attribute this to the titanal layer.


I skied these all over Solitude on relatively hard snow. Edge hold was exceptional for a ski of this girth. The ski excels at GS turns on hard pack. It is no GS race ski though, as you might expect. Also, no brainer, it is not a short turner. It can make short turns OK on smooth groomers. I did try it through some black diamond moguls (medium size). I couldn't force them to make tight turns between each mogul. I was able to make turns every other mogul. The length was able to bridge the gap in between the turns.

The only soft snow to be found was in tight trees. They snow was probably a week old. Tight turns (when it really matters where you turn) in heavy snow is difficult in this length.


I skied these also at Winterplace and Snowshoe in 3 - 8 inches of Mid-Atlantic man made pow, mixed with natural powder. These skis really rip GS turns, in this stuff. Mach schnell.....


The short summary is that this is a soft snow ski, that is capable of doing other things. There are better skis for the other things.



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The Watea 84 is not nearly as good as the 94, so I would not draw too much information from the 84.  I found the 94 was even better on hard snow and groomers, despite the wider waist.  I think there is just enough extra "beef" in the 94 to give it more authority in cases where the 84 feels a little frail and light.  Neither is a true hard snow ski, but I can at least ski the 94 on chalk and hardpack without it chattering.  In the same conditions, the 84 flaps quite a bit.

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