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Not my best moment in the race...........

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.........actually, this probably WAS my best moment in the race.






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Woopsy and Brrr!!


What a great pic!!!

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little bit deeper than expected? :)

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At least that grass looks soft. 

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2 wheels are too easy?


Goin all no hands and unicycle!


Show off.

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How far into the race did that happen? Were you able to continue and finish?

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This happened at the end of lap #1 of 2.  I had just made a pass and moved into 2nd place in my group (singlespeed age 1-35) when I came upon a decision point:


Go right around the bog along a narrow footbridge that was clogged up a by about 10 other riders.  OR ride through the bog and get in front of the clog and put a bigger gap on the guy I just passed.


Obviously I opted for the bog route ;)


After this it was all downhill for me on the 2nd lap.  I was feeling strong, but after taking the plunge in the cold water my calves wanted to cramp up on the 2nd lap and I had to slow way down.  Lost a lot of positions but still did OK.  Ended up 6th of 30 in my group...so I'm still pleased and I got a great photo out of the day :)

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Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post


Goin all no hands and unicycle!


Show off.



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How are the I9's?


I'm getting some Hope Pro II's with Flows built up.

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the I9's are great...light and stiff for sure.


I had a pair of Hope II's on my old SS and I do miss their buzzing sound.  They are LOUD and have engagement just as good as I9 IMO (I can not tell the difference).  enjoy 'em!

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I'm familiar with the King hub buzz. I've had a set for 5-6 years now.


I do think the Hope's will be louder. The Kings aren't all they are 'cracked' up to be.


I've had the rear axle crack, and troubles keeping the cones tight.


I've sent the Kings back to king twice.


The King buzz seems to have lessened with age. Although others claim they here it, I don't seem too.


I looked at the I9's but wasn't convinced they were worth the extra $ and tuning hassle. I would be interested in a long term review though.


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The Hopes are pretty loud a different sound than the Kings. Much less irritating IMHO. My old German made Hugi is the loudest hub I've ever heard. It's great for warning hikers that you are coming.

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Jolhnny -- Not a long term review by any means, but through 3 months of fairly hard riding, my I9/Stans Arch wheelset hasn't had to be trued once.  The only maintenance so far has been a quick retensioning of the spokes after the first few rides (as recommended by I9) and they've been bomber ever since.  And I'm fairly hard on gear.


Still,3 months is not a long time for a high-end wheelset and I'm just beginning to enter race season (just finished an 8-hour endurance race on them this past weekend), so I'll report back maybe at the 6th month mark or so.


they are definitely very light.  and very very stiff...which I prefer.  Happy so far.

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Ty 1 On - I didn't mean to suggest it was a long term review.


But, I did some research on the I9' and they suggest, something like... retensioning after 100 ride miles.


I'm new to the 29er thing. But, I can flex a light weight 26 inch wheel, hard enough to rub the fork and frame, during hard turns. So, with the longer spokes...?  I didn't like the fact that the I9 use 'specific' spokes either.


Wheels like the Cross29max, have specific spokes and, you have to buy a whole set. (enough to replace the wheel). So, that expense can add up pretty quick.


So, the Hopes seemed like a good pick for me. They are reputed to come from a very wet, muddy place in England. I have only seen one set here in WV. One of the guys from Wamsley cycles in Morgantown has them.

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 You'll like the Hopes. I've been running 'em for 10 years. Never a problem.

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