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Selling used skis?

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ok, I have a friend that is interested in buying a set of skis that I no longer want or use.  Retail was $850 and I paid $500.  I've skied these about a dozen days after buying them last fall.  They were 2008 closeouts and I bought them just because.  BTW they are Elan Wave Magic.  Just didn't do it for me like I had hoped they would.  Shortly after that I bought the Blizzard Viva 7.6 Magnums and haven't been on the Elans since. 


So, how much do I ask for these?  Is $250 to high?  Too low?  Just right?  I have no idea how to go about this and I don't want either one of us feeling taken advantage of.  Oh, my friend skied them today and likes them a lot.  I'm trying to get her to demo others first, but a lot of the '09 demos are long gone.  They are pretty much her first shaped skis after being on race skis forever.



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$250 sounds reasonable to me. 

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1/2 of what you paid for skis in excellent condition is just about right.

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Ya I agree with volklgirl about half of what you paid.


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thanks all  :)

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