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GPS-Speedskiing, tdk6 joining the honorable 60mph club

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On my trip to the Alps a week ago I skied with my water tight portable GPS in my pocket and got all kind of interesting information out of it such as distance skied and an endless track log with google earth overlay. Really cool but for me the most important information is offcourse how fast I was skiing. 


I was on my trusted 165cm Blizzard Magnesium SL's which are obviously not ideal speed skis. My previous record was 50mph and I knew that I needed a really steep hill that was smooth with no trafic and a long safe area for slowing down. The perfect spot was soon found in Hinterglemm at the black WC slope # 15 just as it reaches down to the middle station of Zwölferkogelbahn. Since I was alone and I could not see all the way down to be sure nobody was blocking my reccord attempt I had to start quite far down of on the final 45 deg pich. I tucked in and started flying. Yes, I was being quick but not before I stopped and checked my GPS I realized I had skied close to 100km/h. Exactly 99,57km/h. I was kind of stunned I had managed to reach 100 starting so low but still not quite 100 and this is something that you cannot take lightly on. I simply had to do it again. Had to go over 100km/h. I whent all the way down and up and stopped much higher. Below me I saw some tourists including one old man and some children. I was waiting for them to clear out but they skied down and dissapeared behind the ridge. Then I saw the kids exiting to the right and the old man crossing left over the slope at the bottom and then he stopped. Ok, I thaught, now... and off I whent. I accellerated very quickly but just as I came up on the ridge and saw the runway open up underneath me the old man started across the hill without looking up. No sweat I thaught and carved left to go behind him but this sucker makes a left turn and Im flying down at full speed getting cornered between him and the forrest and nasty looking rocks. I had opened the tuck and started to shout all I could and as in a miracle he pointed his skis downhill and I passed him parallel at what I later saw on my GPS was 93,84km/h. Obviously I did not stop, just kept on going and took annother lift up to a different skiing area.


Being so close to 100km/h but not quite making it bummed me out but there was to be light at the end of the tunnel. When I started to convert 99,57km/h to mph my smile returned since its slightly over 60mph. So now Im an official member of the 60s club.


Many people ask themselves, how fast do I ski? Here are some pointers for you how I ski:

Slow skiing and bumps: 0-10mph

Normal skiing: 10-20mph

SL carving: 20-30mph

GS carving: 30-40mph

DH in a tuck as fast as I dare: 40-60mph


Just as a reference, WC skiers race GS at speeds of 50-60mph.





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Dude, be careful.  You nearly broke rule number one of skiing safely.  Next time, try a spotter.

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Did the old man look like this?


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dmourati, yes I know. Actually I think I broke that rule but on speed days no friends.

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Those GPS thingies are dangerous!

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Wow Ghost..... 81mph  and some angular skiing. How many miles?
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There is a speed trap at Parssen in Davos that is free to use. You get in a start shack and when it is clear (honor system) you bomb through a speed trap. Your speed in clicks is posted. It is a farily short track. I managed 100 kph on Atomic Powder Plus 165cm skis (110mm waist) mounted with Fritchis. It was fun and scary at the same time. I was there for the Parssen Derby, which is another story in itself: http://www.swissam.com/news/2006-2007/2007_Davos.asp

You can click here -> home.rdbriggs.com/downloads/070113_Cooper_DT.kmz (this will open Google Earth) if you want to see a couple of runs of speed skiing GPS tracks at Ski Cooper on a closed course. I set the GPS, a Garmin GPSmap 60, to record every second. Speeds exceeded 65 mph.
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I wouldn't bet any money on the 81 mph being all that accurate; it's just a one-second point from the track log. However, your post reminded me of this day.  I remembered the run where that speed got registered on the "max speed" feature.  I caught a bit of unexpected air and almost fell off the back of my WC SCs when I landed.  A good portion of the speed was likely just after that point where the vertical velocity got converted to horizontal velocity on landing.  I spent a good bit of the rest of the day trying to find that perfect line and exact spot again, but I never did.  I'm pretty confident a good portion of the skiing was over 61.4 mph though.

Here's another one, just to tease you (64.7 mph = 104 kph) .
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

my WC SCs
What's that? Fischer 165?
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Originally Posted by Jamt View Post

WC SCs = Fischer WC SC, 165 cm  long, 13 m radius.
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Cheesus, 81.8 mph on those skis! I guess you got the days dose of adrenaline after that run ?
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Originally Posted by Jamt View Post

Cheesus, 81.8 mph on those skis! I guess you got the days dose of adrenaline after that run ?

Yes.  Skiing fast on the SCs feels a lot faster than skiing fast on my SGs, and almost getting left behind by them does quicken the pulse a bit.
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