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Spring Back to Vail Week 11-19 April

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I'm a Vail "Never-Ever" and am headed there with a buddy 11-19 April. 

Anybody else headed up that week want to link up for some apres ski festivities? 


FYI, on the Vail website right now you can get a 7 day ticket for $199 that is good at multiple locations. 


Finally, any tips on skiing Vail in April?  What should I expect for conditions?  I know it's gotta be better than it has been out here in Virginia. 



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Anything can happen and usually does that time of year. A couple of years ago I made it into Vail around Noon and got on the hill shortly after and the temp at Mid Vail was 70F!  That night it snowed 6 inches. Good grooming helps on the front runs raws countering the freeze thaw. If it's warm stay on the upper half of the mounatin and follow the sun . I try and go every April and haven't had a bad trip yet and usually have a couple of days of snow.

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 Great advice!  I appreciate that very much.  with daytime temps so nice I guess I won't have to wear all that "Snivel Gear", as we in the Army call that stuff.  I grew up skiing in California, so am definitely looking forward to seeing the sun while skiing.  Here out East it's constantly either foggy and/or raining this time of year...  I skied three days in a row a couple weeks ago here and only saw a hint of the sun once through clouds during that time.  Night skiing in a blizzard was definitely one I'll remember for a long time!  Thanks again.

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We went to Vail for our first visit this year and just had a ball.

I am suppose to be heading to Denver for work but the dates are still sketchy,they moved from last week of March and first 2 of april to 3 weeks in April.(WE are keeping our toes crossed that the dates hold,so I can get some days in) This weekend Lady S and I will be at Wintergreen assuming they have snow.

Have a blast and we will post when we know.

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 Cool, I skied Wintergreen last weekend.  Nothing but fog and rain the entire day. I skied all of the open runs and the snow wasn't bad until the afternoon when a bit too much slush took over from the rain.  Only expect one run open on the Highlands (a couple different runs combined to make only one way down that side)  

Big Acorn side is okay, lots of bare patches on the side heading to the tunnels.  

This weekend is supposed to be decent, as far as weather goes.  By that I mean sun will be shining and 40ish on Saturday.  I had actually considered going there myself this weekend, but life events may prevent.

Have a great time!!

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Let me know when you get into town...( PM me here for contact info)


If I have any free time (should have) then let's make some turns...



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