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Springtime helmet reminder

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On most newer helmets the earflaps just pop off.  Taking these off make the helmet much cooler in the way of ventilation. Very comfortable in these warmer days. 

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I tried that yesterday and it felt really weird, so I popped them back in. I gotta give it more time to get used to it. Same thing with removing the liner, it feels like putting a construction hard hat on.

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Strap-it-on and do the 2-leg boogie....in the sun.


Spring is here and I live for spring!!

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When I bought my helmet 4 or 5 season back, I specifically looked for  and bought one with removable ear flaps.  It's still uncomfortable for me on really warm days though.


Any thoughts on using my bicycle helmet?  Might look nerdy but it has a lot more vents.

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