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Whistler is getting hit......

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We just add our best day of the year and it's going to continue all week..... The base is over 200 and the coverage is very good.... 


Let me take you for a run and find the best stashs of the mountains.....!!!





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Sure. I will PM you my address you can send me a plane ticket and a lodging voucher! I'll buy my own lift tickets I wouldn't feel right otherwise.


Thanks, what a guy!!!

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I thought you were coming out here this week anyway?  We were telling you in the other thread to head up to whistler instead of crystal, now you even have an offer of a tour guide.  What's stopping you?


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Another superb day with clear visibility and sunny breaks..... 6 inches of fresh that lead me to hike up being the Glacier to a out of bound run called Isumi, nobody did it yesterday and we knew it was going to be deep....protected from the South wind we have been getting, it was EPIC ! 

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Today was great again.... and we are going to get another foot into tomorrow morning....

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WHistlerPow what kindof deal did youget to go up there?

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I have a pass and sleep in my truck or at friends..... I ski over 100 days a year and are getting close to 800 on Whistler Blackcomb witch is not much compared to other locals.....


Today was deep again, they advertise 21cm but it was more like 35 at the top of the Whistler gondola.... The high alpine as been close all day because of winds.... Tommorow morning is going to be the deepest day of the year.....

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jaobrien, you guys told me to go to Whistler I should have stuck to Crystal! I know, you guys wanted it all to yourself so you misdirected me! Funny thing is I actually was thinking I should have just done what I was gonna do in the beginning of the week!


I checked out Whistler cost and got a rude awakening. Apparently I was talking out of my butt (which is nothing new) cause I had no idea. Suffice to say I won't be rubbing elbows anytime soon with the rich and not so famous. I may end up begging for the last meager morsels in the LCC and BCC after all.


Hey Pow you got a camper top on the back of that truck?

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I didn't misdirect you at all.  WA was fantastic up through this past Monday or so, some absolutely killer days, but the snow's kinda tapered off this week.  Crystal only reports 4" in the last 72 hours.  Whistler's been going like gangbusters this week, though.


So did you not end up going anywhere?

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I had a someone who I was guiding last week that paid $100 per night at the Crystal Lodge... through expedia...... There is also The Alpine Lodge where you can get a private bed with share bathroom for $60 per night.... very nice people and atmosphere...  During the World Ski and Snowboading Festival at the end of April you can get deals from $75 per night including lift tickets..... a real fun time with major entertainement every day outside at the bottom of the slopes.....



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