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Big Mountain Comp Kirkwood

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I have a bit of a crazy favor to ask.  I am heading up to the Kirkwood big mountain comp this week.  I am wondering if anyone from the central valley(california) close to Modesto/Stockton(maybe Sacramento) could possibly help me out with a ride.  I am asking simply because I am 17 and my parents will be working.  Also, I need to see about release forms since I am 17 and not 18.  So, I know this is a crazy request, but Id really like to compete.

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Never mind, have to be 18 to compete

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 If you have aspirations of doing these comps, you should try head up anyway to watch and learn if you can.


And a tip if you try to sign up next year...there is typically no on-site registration.   You have to sign up MONTHS in advance and the qualifiers typically sell out very fast.  I believe this year's Kirkwood qualifier sold out in about 15 minutes from when they opened up registration. 


It's a competition just to get into the competition.  heh.

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Wasn't there a 14-17 year old class available?

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I know it is the end of the season and all, but I want to talk a bit about the comp at kirk.  I went to the finals and saw a few guys put down some runs.  I realize that the day was not nearly decent for a comp, but I was able to compare myself to the skills of somebody like Lopez, Dutton, Greener, etc.....These guys skied pretty decently for the ice rock death hard conditions.  Now, that being said, I have had these competiton dreams since being a little kid, and wish to make them a reality, and after seeing the comp, I think I just may be able to.  I am trying to place my priorities next year, and just want to run them by some of you guys here.  Next year I will turn 18 in December, just in time for the competition season.  I will still be in high school next year and will have free time for lots of skiing(comps).  Would this be a good idea?  I know this may seem like a dumb question for various reasons, but I just want to hear opinions.  And also, I would appreciate a schedule for locations of comps.



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