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Nordica Enforcer 08/09 Review

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A small bit about myself first.


Me: 21 y/o, male, level 6-7 skier, 5' 10", 200 lbs, get out about 10 to 15 days a year in the past, this year I've done about 20 ski days, and have about 7 more planned.


Boots: Salomon something from a couple years ago


Ski: Nordica Enforcer 08/09 version in 177cm with the Nordica bindings N-Pro something, 12 DIN rating.


I was at Lake Louise yesterday in the west canadian rockies. They'd had 5+ cm of fresh snow in the last 24hr and I took out these new Enforcers to see how they are. My other skis are a set of 07/08 Volkl AC30.  I like the AC30s a lot, they have great edgehold and stability, but I was experiencing tip dive in powder snow and also wanted to have something that is not as stiff. I actually took out the AC30s on Saturday to a resort where it's man-made snow and groomed and they were great.  For a day like sunday though, the Enforcers seemed more suitable with their 98mm waist width.


Some tidbit about my skiing ability. I mostly ski black runs. Depending on the resort, black runs may be harder or easier. I don't ski particularly using an exact technique, I just do what I know.  I can carve alright on certain runs.  If I'm on a run that's steep, or is steep and trees, or moguls or steep and powder snow, I try to get in a rhythm to turn on the slope. I always strive to stay in "neutral" position on the skis, with my shoulders over my knees. I sometimes get in the backseat a bit if I'm on a really steep run, but I'm actively trying to improve this.  I've been skiing for roughly 14 to 15 years now and I do just about everything from the mileage I've gotten with skiing.


Now on to the actual review of the skis. I skied this mostly in a small amount of cut up powder, I tried to find as much as I could by skiing in some trees. It was a good day as far as I'm concerned, I'm not usually lucky enough to even find 5cm of fresh snow, and it snowed while I was there too, so that was pretty nice. I'm not skilled enough or knowledgeable enough to give an in-depth review of the skis, but I will say that they felt much better in powder than my AC30s. They seemed to magically stay on top of the powder snow rather than dive in deep and I was able to get into a nice rythm on the steep parts on top of the powder which I have not been able to do with my AC30s.  They took less effort to control also in powder versus the stiffer AC30s.  At 177, they still felt quite turny (which I like).  On the groomed runs or the runs with very small powder, they carved very well.  For me, they felt as good as the Volkl's in terms of control and stability and carving.  They were less punishing as well.  You can feel that extra stiffness and edgehold on the Volkl's and also since the Volkls are shorter and narrower. However, I thought the Enforcer did fine on the groomed runs. It performed better than I was expecting and I can see the Nordica becoming the main ski I will be using. I actually plan on letting my dad using my Volkls when I ski with him since he mostly does the more groomed runs.


For those knowledgeable of Lake Louise, I took them out on the backside on Whitehorn Bowl and also Boomerang Bowl from the T-Bar at the summit, also that black run that goes parallel to the T-Bar on the frontside and the trees around the T-Bar. As well, the moguls on the bowl under Paradise chair, as well as the trees to the left and to the right of paradise chair.


Overall, I give this ski a 9/10. I can see how an even wider ski would be even better on powder, but for the type of conditions that I usually ski in, I really like this ski and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Give me control, stability and softness on the powder snow and give me carving and edgehold on groomed snow while not being too stiff feeling.

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After some more experience with this ski, I can say I'm definitely glad I purchased them. They carve just like how I want them when I'm on the groomers. I have to be aggressive on them, but when I get in the sweet spot where I do edge to edge quickly, it's just so enjoyable.  It also floats and handles in powder and is just proving to be a lot of fun in tree and steep tree runs. I also enjoy these skis on moguls more than my Volkl.  I might retire the Volkl to the days when I go out when there isn't any fresh snow, which will hopefully not happen too often. These skis are definitely a good choice for an all-around ski for canadian rockies for someone looking 60/40 to 70/30 off-pisted / on-piste.

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Curious if you mounted them as per the line marked on the skis?

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Hi allan. The people from the shop where I bought it from mounted it with the Nordica n-power bindings, so I'd assume it was mounted as per manufacturer's line. I'm not too knowledgeable  about binding position and such. I told the guy at the shop exactly what type of terrain and resorts I ski and I assume he mounted them appropriately.

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I bought a pair of 06/07 Enforcers from SierraJim in Dec.

I'm 5' 7" and 180lbs.  I mounted a pair of Marker 1300 IBC's

at the side ride line. ( The side ride line is 1/4" back of the

top skin ride line on the 06/07)


In 12" plus powder I found I prefered the toe 3/10" forward.


On skier packed powder I found I prefered the toe 4/10" forward.


For what it's worth.




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