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Okemo, Killington, Mt Snow conditions?

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Anyone go up there this past weekend?  How are conditions?

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I was at Okemo on Sunday.  It was frozen up something awful until around 10:00,, when the South Face turned from ice to perfect spring slush in about two runs.  I literally spent the rest of the day hammering spring slush bumps over on the Jackson Gore side.  The other trails (from what I could see and overhear from other people) the sides of the groomers were slushy, but the centers were scraped down (what else is new?) or had random slush piles.


Crowds weren't bad at all on Sunday -- the place emptied out right around noon.  I was skiing in a t-shirt the entire afternoon.

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I was at Stratton yesterday and conditions were very nice actually. 


By next weekend tho---who knows, we drove through the St Pattys day parade in Winhall with the top down on the way home.


We started on the left side skiing the shooting star lift but quickly navigated over to Snowbowl lift and stayed on that side most of the day---due to the flat runnout and (by comparison) larger crows on that side.


Shooting star side was somewhat mushy and there were occasional mash tater spots but overall for a sunny day in the high 40's the snow held up well.

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How's coverage on these slushy trails? Rocks?  I might be headin up there this coming weekend the 88s would be the best ski for the slop, but Ill bring the rock skis if thats what the conditions call for.

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post


How's coverage on these slushy trails? Rocks?  I might be headin up there this coming weekend the 88s would be the best ski for the slop, but Ill bring the rock skis if thats what the conditions call for.


There's some tall grassy stuff sticking up in some of the bump troughs, but nothing of any consequence.  The groomers I saw were edge-to-edge coverage.  I'd stay out of the glades though if you care about your bases.  So I'd think trails that are equipped for snowmaking are fine...  natural snow trails are probably closed or will be very shortly.


All that said, it's another warm day here.  They've got to be losing coverage fast.  In another week...  who knows?  Bring the 88's and some rock skis if you can.

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Skied Okemo yesterday and today. Firm in teh AM, then gradually turning to hummus.  

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Stratton was indeed in really good shape on Saturday.  I had a hard time believing how good the conditions were actually.  I was expecting bare spots, ice, etc. They kept the mogul runs closed until roughly 11AM in order for things to soften up a bit but other than that there was no reason to complain about anything.  A beautiful spring skiing day with great snow conditions.

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Okemo today, Mon.  - great conditions if you like spring snow. Warm temps with great soft stuff. Fabulous really, definitely would want the 88's though I had a 71mm. Hey, how about I ski the 88's?

Puddles of water at Northstar lift line in the afternoon.  Rocks? Not much really, though definitely spots of them.  Remember, you ski where the snow is!  In general, the trails with the big moguls do not have any rocks where one usually skis though there were a couple of spots in troughs.


By next weekend? Hmmm....hard to say.  At least at night it's cold. It will probably go to freezing tonight - definitely at the top.  Really are going to need some cold weather and snow at some point.

I hear VT is better than Colorado!

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Was at Okemo this past weekend. To reiterate, it was great spring weather if you are into that sort of thing. Jackson Gore was better on Saturday. By Sunday it was a bit flat. Big crowds on Sat, but people left early Sunday.


There's supposed to be rain this week in the area, so I'd watch out for that. It'll be a big difference depending on if it rains during the night or during the day. Typical New England spring.

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Another fabulous day, Tues., at Okemo.  Great snow and very warm temps.  It has been below freezing at night which is very good.  It warms up pretty quickly yieilding very nice wet spring snow.  It is not the ice crystal variety but remains quite white. Definitely some of the better conditions ever for spring type skiing.  Really tremendous coverage actually.  Too bad there aren't a lot of really good bump skiers to make the moguls rounder but they're a lot of fun.  It is a blast to get face spray from high speed runs on the 'groomed trails' with the soft snow. It's incredilbe how good it can be.


Tonight supposed to go below freezing again, then tommorrow the liquid pest might arrive along with clouds and fairly high temps.  I don't think it supposed to be much of a pestilence though.

It will get colder thur night and friday night - well below freezing.  I believe temp highs for Saturday are in the 30's. Who knows what that means for the mountain though.  I would expect the surface to be quite firm for possibly most of the day  - at least higher up, so sharpen the fatties if you're bringing them.


If you're debating whether to come or not you might as well come.  What are you waiting for? It is what it is, that's the way it goes in VT.  If you always wait for the perfect weather you won't get much skiing in.  I would say that if you've missed say the last 5-6 days you've missed some of the best that it gets here.


As for rock skis - interestingly, it's been years since I've actually used rock skis.  Even on the last day of the year Iast year I didn't use rock skis.  I wouldn't use pristine race skis but those people know what to do anyway.  You ski where the snow is and anticipate where the rocks will be.  Usually it works out.

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Looks like it's going to snow a bit this week (http://www.wherecaniski.com/resorts/search?name=Killington), the Twitter updates on that link seem to be saying it's getting a bit slushy (but still fun) though.

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I skied Kton yesterday. Okemo is in much better condition. Other than a real cool terrain park, I don't see the owners din much with the snowmaking and grooming.  

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Was at Okemo this weekend, pretty soft snow for the most part besides the scraped off parts on the steeper portions of the mountains.  Some rocks were exposed but they were marked.

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I was at Killington last Saturday and Sunday. Trail coverage is still excellent and some woods remain very skiable. Saturday was somewhat firm throughout the day with no trails becoming mogul infested, instead scattered icy got ya's. The Bear Mountain afternoon deck was hopping with the US Snowboarding Grand Prix event in full swing. => sick ariels !!!! Sunday temps went to high 40's resulting in ego (NOT MUSH/SLUSH) spring snow. The middle of OL had small, widely spaced bumps by 1pm which still allowed GS turns from top to bottom.


The approaching Saturday may be another good spring day but possible rain on Sunday. I'll be heading back for another taste.


Falcon_O aka Charlie

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