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So, does this mean we get of the lift, and sing:

The Hills are Alive... and its very scary!

Sorry, could'nt resist! [img]redface.gif[/img]

"My comfort zone would be mostly geared to working with instructors who are new or young in the field (not nec young in age)."

Just so you know, the camp is geared towards non instructors, but the instructors are trying to set up a pro day. You folks should talk.
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LM or Whoever,

Some of the following questions may have been answered in the thread, but I suggest that someone construct a detail box with all the information, as Maddog has done re: the event itself:

If this is geared to non-skiers: Who or which group is producing this event? How is the event to be marketed? Is there a fee for those participating in a staff or teaching role?

I suppose there are many more details to be worked out. So far this summer I find myself with a time on my hands. I will be happy to ASSIST a delegated person with some of these arrangements until my work kicks up again.
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Is it time for the final dates to be set for the pro's?

Let's go with the dates as previously mentioned-.
A pro organization day on Sunday,Jan 26th, with the Academy on the 27th, 28th, and the 29th(M-W).

BB/ Nolo, all interested pro's- does this work for everybody?

Let's nail this thing down!

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Those dates work great for me. I'll be taking the whole week off anyway.

Will any of the pros be in town on Sat. the 25th? If so I'm offering the first five to get in touch with me a marketing coupon for that day. That means free skiing or maybe a $10.00 sircharge because its a weekend. Anyone want to ski with me at DV?

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I'd love to make some turns with you. So if it's ok with you, count me in!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you all!

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My arrival is going to depend on the varsity girls basketball schedule. I may have to drive on Sunday. Generally games are on Saturday. If they play West Yellowstone, I can drive down that night and ski on Sunday. If not, I'll be on I-15 most of the day.
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Those dates are fine with me. I'd probably fly in from Boston the morning of Sunday the 25th and could be on the hill early afternoon.

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The dates work for me! It is now on my calender.

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Man, this is really looking great. Lotsa pros coming.

Maybe one of the pros could do a post, listing the other pros that are coming. Probably help with getting more Bears to attend.

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I have done the initial prep and expect to have something to post soon. AC gets to see and edit this before it goes on line. So, hold tight for a few more days and I will have course descriptions and a tenative list of the instructors. The instructor list is and remains flexible to the end (although a promise is a promise).

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This sounds interesting.

Late season, April would work best for me as, my school is pretty busy right from december through to Easter.

I would love to teach.

Utah would work, as long as the hills are open that week. The beatiful areas in Banff/Lake Louise are open until May with great conditions. We had some of our best powder days last May. As well, the costs would be in Canadian dineros s which makes things much less expensive. Our company could probably set up some sort of package. Sorry, didn't mean to solicit anything.

I have no ideal level of student. i love to share skiing with everyone from the beginner right up to the expert.

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I would also be interested in this event/gathering. Always willing to learn and share. I like those dates or earlier.

Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Lets try to get an idea of which INSTRUCTORS are interested.

What would be the IDEAL date for you?

What would be the IDEAL location?

Is it POSSIBLE that you can come to Utah?

Optional: Do you have a level of student that you would prefer to work with, or a specific type of workshop?

If you're not sure of the logistics, let us know if you are interested in teaching, and we can work out the details at some other point. Thanks!
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Just bringing this up to the front. The dates and location are set for just prior to the Bear's Gathering in SLC:

Originally posted by Maddog1959:
Rick H, Lisamarie, and all:

It seems that by default and accident the time and location of the gig has been set.


January 25 was chosen as the start date for the overall event. The consensus is that the clinic will start on either January 26 or 27 and end on Wednesday January 29th. The gathering/free ski will start on Thursday January 30 and run through Monday February 3rd. January 25/26 is scheduled for instructors to familiarize themselves with the ski area. The waffling is due to the fact the length of the clinics has not been determined as yet.

See, http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...;f=12;t=000177 for the details. Read the first post for the essential information about time, location, and lodging.

Si was good enough to run interference with Solitude Resort. I understand that tickets for a group of 30 or more will be $34 per day. Solitude seems to be the best option for a clinic. While I have never skier there the reports are that it has few crowds, and a complete variety of terrain to accommodate everyone from beginner to expert.

The poll shows that the skiers are 1/3 intermediate, 1/3 advanced, and 1/3 expert. In approximately equal amounts they want to learn the following skills: carving, bumps, steeps and off piste skiing. About ½ want the clinic to last 3 days and 1/3 want it to last 4 or more days.

Based on Bob Barnes idea, the clinics will be 3 days in length (I suggest we create a 4 day option somehow), scheduled for all day, with a lunch break, and should include some kind of videotaping. I will make and bring a helmet cam for use at the clinics and think it will be reasonable to assume that we can rely on others to bring video cameras from home.

It is my intention to work with one or more instructors to structure a syllabus for the clinics. Since I have never taken a lesson, I am eminently unqualified to do this myself. If any one is willing to help, send me a PM or E-Mail me at mdsfax@attbi.com. My goal is to structure courses for general intermediates, general experts and advanced/experts who would like some special training in moguls, steeps, etc.

I would like to create a specific syllabus to be reduced to writing for publication. That’s lawyer for “I want a schedule of the skills at each level the students will likely work on.” If we can publish something, it is more likely to generate interest. It will also give us something to vet through a poll to see if we are on target for our general audience.

If you are an instructor and are intending to come teach, please let me know by PM or E-Mail. I would also like help determining which dog should go with which pony in this show, or which instructor should teach which level of student. I know that may mean waiting until the day before the clinics but some differentiation may be workable now.

Help! Thanks!!

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I talked to the owner of the the Silver Fork Lodge (1 mile from Solitude in Big Cottonwood Canyon) and he has said that he will work with anyone contacting him about staying there during the week of the academy and gathering.

Dan can be contacted at "silverfork@sisna.com" or at 1-888-649-9551.

For info on the Silver Fork Lodge is available at:


Also, Dan has a banquet room at the lodge that he has offered for an afternoon or evening meeting place if there a number of people staying at the Silver Fork.

[ August 02, 2002, 06:27 PM: Message edited by: Si ]
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Hi everybody--I'd just like to express my gratitude to SCSA, Si, and especially Maddog, along with everyone else who has taken the initiative and devoted your time and resources to making this thing happen. This could be a REALLY good thing we've got going here.

Just so everyone knows, I am willing and happy to take on any role whatsoever for this camp, as I know many other EpicSki pros are. But this is a "self-directed" camp, and as such, I think it would be inappropriate for any of us instructors to assume a leadership role--or any role, for that matter, until "the group" directs us to. It would make sense to choose a "camp director" to take ultimate responsibility for the format of the camp and to assign instructors to each group, but choosing that person should be up to the group.

The truly unique thing about this camp, and the aspect that I think we must preserve and cultivate above all else, is its self-determining nature. That's also its biggest challenge. If it's going to have any consistent "signature" format at all, ultimately, someone's going to have to take on the responsibility for shaping and overseeing it. I'd love to see a loose format with a syllabus that determines to some extent WHAT is covered, but that leaves each instructor entirely free to determine HOW to address that content, according to his/her individual strengths and the makeup and desires of the group.

While inconsistency can be the death of a ski instruction program, the wealth of talent and diversity of perspectives of the EpicSki pros should be allowed to flourish, unhindered by an overly restrictive format!

This is a somewhat delicate, potentially sensitive area, but it must be addressed: Many of the EpicSki pros, myself included, have expressed the willingness to lead a group, or not to, or to help in any way. But none, that I'm aware of, has gone beyond that statement yet.

Nor should we! I'm sure I speak for many when I say--please don't take our silence here as lack of interest! To preserve this "self-directed" thing, we really need you all--those who want to attend--to somehow figure out who you want to ski with, who, if anyone, you want to "direct" the camp, and so on. Few of the pros here would be reluctant to take on any role, but we really need you to tell us!

If it helps, I nominate Maddog as the interim "director"--if you're willing to accept this role, Mark--to continue to take the lead for now, as we move to the next stage. Mark has done a great job so far. He has also selflessly expressed that he is "eminently unqualified" to get into directing the content and format of the camp itself. I agree that that is where a teaching pro should probably step in, but I'm happy to recognize Mark's authority to determine who that should be. Any pros object? Mark--you OK with that? Anyone else have other ideas?

I hope that this message is helpful, and not inappropriate. My engine is revved up, but I'll wait until I get a green light to pop the clutch!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

Now--back to our regularly scheduled drought.... Anyone know how to do a rain/snow dance?
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Bob, I think you hit the nail on the head. We need event orgainization beyond accomodations. Waiting too long to decide may interfer with peoples travel schedules. Its nice to know in advance if you're going to be in that instructors core or if the instructors you want are going to be their teaching the stuff you're interested in.
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See everyone? Barnes and a bunch of other fine pros will show up. Now all we need are Bears!

I don't want to dampen the enthusiasm, but the list, as I see it, is just about where it was last year, when 12 people showed up at Fernie.

So c'mon folks! We got the best of the best to show up and teach us a thing or two. I'm psyched to ski with them and you all should be too.

Look at the level of talent we have to learn from:

1) Barnes
2) Nolo
3) VailSnoPro
4) man from oz
5) RickH.
6) Si

I know I've missed a few others. The Bears Gathering is going to be crawling with great instructors. If you can't learn from them, you can't learn!

Then, why on earth would you type messages to these fine folks, when you can learn from them in person! That's right, come to Utah and learn from the best!

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I want to go to the camp! I want to go to the camp! And I want to be instructed by anyone who understands and accepts that I learn by "feeling" and that I don't want to feel any worse about my lack of athletic ability than I already do. From the list of pros, I like them all, but I'd nominate nolo/Barnes or else Barns/nolo to be Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Although I need serious help in every phase of the sport, I really want to be able confidently to ski bumps and trees. One big question: How much is this instruction going to cost me?
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Thanks for the compliment of putting me on that list but I'm not an instructor! I am afraid my writing may be bigger than my skiing. Either way, I look forward to meeting and skiing with some Bears.
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oboe brings up a good one.
"What about the money"?

Well, I know you can count on me to chip in, if the hat gets passed around.

I'm guessing that's the best way to do it. Pass the hat and the pros divide up what's in the hat.

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I'd still like some guidance on what kind of $$$ is expected, whether the method SCSA suggests, or some other, is used.
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I second the motion to have Maddog in charge. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maddog is the CEO.

Maddog, where the hell are you? We need some organization here.

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