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Uh Oh, Sounds like the camp is now going to be when I'm in Vail. Hope all the instructors I wanted to ski with aren't gone to Utah that week. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

OOPS. Just as I finished typing this message My cousin who also goes on the ski trips with us just dropped a wrench into our trip. We may not make it to Vail after all. He and his wife are expecting [img]smile.gif[/img] Working on getting into Snowbird again so I may be near by after all. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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How many instructors are up for Bob B's idea of an informal instructors clinic day on the 25th?
Count me in for that...
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An instructor work day on the 25th?

Count me in too!
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26th for an instructor day would work better for me. If I do actually pull off this destination switch for my group, I'll be traveling on the 25th.
But I'd love to get in on it!
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The recent poll showed that skiers and instructors were evenly split between starting the clinic/gathering on January 25 or February 1. Arbitrarily, January 25 was chosen as the start. The consensus is that the clinic will start on either January 26 or 27 and end on Wednesday January 29th. The gathering/free ski will start on Thursday January 30 and run through Monday February 3rd.

Lodging arrangements are shaping up and it is probably time to see just how many Bears will commit to this endeavor. I hope to see as many of the professionals as possible.

While we do need to work on the clinic aspect of the event, we have plenty of time to do that. I am willing to work with anyone who would be willing to take a lead on behalf of the Pros to facilitate and make this thing work.
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I like the idea of the 25th for an instructor's day. Count me in.

BTW, have we decided on a specific area?

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We're up to 26 confirmed for the Meeting. So, if you also plan on sticking around for the Meeting, please add your name to the list I've started in the official thread.

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oboe would be delighted to be instructed early, long and often. In addition to general improvement of skiing skills [a bottomless pit with oboe] the favorite subjects are speed control, bumps, and trees [assuming there are any out there to be skied]. Strategy as well as skills, if that makes any sense.

P.S. What has worked best for me is skiing with one instructor who then can size up what instruction will work for me. I spent a day skiing with a Bear who's an instructor, and it was the most valuable ski day for me in the past ten years! On some occasions, small groups of two or three can work, but that one-on-one is great.

P.P.S. If one of you instructor types will start a survey type of thread on iinstruction preferences and reqquests, I'll gladly get the ball rolling with the above input.

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If I'm in for a penny, I'm in for the 25th.

Let's make it happen.
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I would love to attend the instructors clinic for some deconstruction\reconstruction of my own skiing. It would be a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of North Americas best.

I cannot officially take any formal camp groups due to my Visa status.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The bus (or plane) will be pulling out of LH on the 24th. Be there.....!

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Oh Oh ....

Something about rotation ?????

Oz :

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here is a tardy response.

I would greatly enjoy playing in this BB ski camp. Early December or January, or early April works best with my schedule.

I am honored to be a clinic participant or clinician.

I really have no favorites of skier levels, I just enjoy learners.

Best Regards,
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Just wanted to bump this to the top!
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Lisa and All,

Don't you all think it is about time to start to finalize some of the concepts of this adventure? We need to determine place, time, lodging and format. It is not too early to start getting ooour ducks in a row. I, for one, am probably having surgery in the Spring. I want schedule that so that I don't have any conflicts.
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Rick H, Lisamarie, and all:

It seems that by default and accident the time and location of the gig has been set.


January 25 was chosen as the start date for the overall event. The consensus is that the clinic will start on either January 26 or 27 and end on Wednesday January 29th. The gathering/free ski will start on Thursday January 30 and run through Monday February 3rd. January 25/26 is scheduled for instructors to familiarize themselves with the ski area. The waffling is due to the fact the length of the clinics has not been determined as yet.

See, http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...;f=12;t=000177 for the details. Read the first post for the essential information about time, location, and lodging.

Si was good enough to run interference with Solitude Resort. I understand that tickets for a group of 30 or more will be $34 per day. Solitude seems to be the best option for a clinic. While I have never skier there the reports are that it has few crowds, and a complete variety of terrain to accommodate everyone from beginner to expert.

The poll shows that the skiers are 1/3 intermediate, 1/3 advanced, and 1/3 expert. In approximately equal amounts they want to learn the following skills: carving, bumps, steeps and off piste skiing. About ½ want the clinic to last 3 days and 1/3 want it to last 4 or more days.

Based on Bob Barnes idea, the clinics will be 3 days in length (I suggest we create a 4 day option somehow), scheduled for all day, with a lunch break, and should include some kind of videotaping. I will make and bring a helmet cam for use at the clinics and think it will be reasonable to assume that we can rely on others to bring video cameras from home.

It is my intention to work with one or more instructors to structure a syllabus for the clinics. Since I have never taken a lesson, I am eminently unqualified to do this myself. If any one is willing to help, send me a PM or E-Mail me at mdsfax@attbi.com. My goal is to structure courses for general intermediates, general experts and advanced/experts who would like some special training in moguls, steeps, etc.

I would like to create a specific syllabus to be reduced to writing for publication. That’s lawyer for “I want a schedule of the skills at each level the students will likely work on.” If we can publish something, it is more likely to generate interest. It will also give us something to vet through a poll to see if we are on target for our general audience.

If you are an instructor and are intending to come teach, please let me know by PM or E-Mail. I would also like help determining which dog should go with which pony in this show, or which instructor should teach which level of student. I know that may mean waiting until the day before the clinics but some differentiation may be workable now.

Help! Thanks!!

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Log me as interested, yet not committed as I have to settle my winter work schedule, some of which is done FOR me. Heh.
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I plan to be there.

Why do you need a helmet-cam?
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I can't make it in Jan. It's right in the middle of our competition season in Central.
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Mad Dog,

I plan to be there. The La Quinta sounds good to me. I want to observe other teachers as well as teach a day with low intermediates.

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Helmet cams are great for taping students without their knowledge. The camera is very small, about the size of a tube of lipstick, and is velcroed to the top of the helmet. The VTR is in a backpack and protected. It is easy since no hands are required to run the camera. The drawback is that the video can be jerky and the subject not square in frame unless set up and run correctly.

The students don't notice the videographer as much and he/she can take long strings of video since he/she can ski along with the class.

The recent shot of Nobis posted by Owens Never Sleeps was a helmet cam shot of Nobis skiing what appeared to be a steep slope. Obviously, it is also great for action shots, etc.
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Okay, what's a VTR? Is the videographer looking at some kind of display to check his camera angle?
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Here is a site with a helmet cam set up. VTR is video tape recorder, really a video camera that is not using its own inboard lens just the video taping element of the camera. The setup uses a remote camera and mic. There is no aiming mechanism, but the polished cameraman can make it look just about like it was shot with a standard camera. The skill is in setting up the camera on the helmet and remembering to look straight ahead and not make quick movements. Of course, editing can remedy many of these issues. The camera follows the cameramans head not the eyes so a steady head is critical, as is pointing the head towards the action. The wide angle lens will capture almost everything in front of the camera.

Click on this link to see some pictures of helmet cam set-ups, click the pictures for close ups. http://www.helmetcamera.com/

I hope this helped.

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I have seen the above setup used in motorcycle racing instruction. One advantage is in being really close to the subject for extended period of time, which is impossible with stationary camera.

Here is an example of the video.
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Under the umbrella of: better late than never - I just found this thread and am very interested to join in the festivities. I am also interested in going to INTERSKI which gets back from Europe 1/25/03, I think. (Check the spring issue of the pro skier.) Am I the only one in this predicament?
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Maddog & Eug,

I looked at the site and the video and am very impressed! By all means bring along the helmet cam.

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We expect to see you there!

Bring the helmet cam! Neato!

Also, right about the first of August, let's see if we can get a closer head count.

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Guess I'll have to work it out. I haven't been to Solitude in about a decade, but my memories are pretty awesome. Of course then I wasn't much of a skier. Since starting to teach 10 years ago, though, and being in the Rockies for the last 4 years, now - I'll keep up with any .... no - most of you!

Did I miss the thread about tuition? itinerary? subject matter? How can I submit a catagory to explore or lead?

I may be able to find some cheap or free beds at a friends' place in Sandy.... line forms to the rear!
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Ziggy, you can use this thread to bring up a suggestion of what you'd like to teach. Tuition has not been worked out yet. The pros should discuss this amongst themselves.

If you a Ski to the Broadway Tunes class, I am so there, although I might be the only one, and I give new meaning to the word "gaper"! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Skiing to music is always great. B'way is great for rhythms in all terrain. R & R for fast &/or cruising. Blues anytime in the off piste - deeeeeep stuff. Make up your own rules. Don't under estimate the value of the classics if you find a run long enough for a symphony!

As far as a class that I would feel comfortable about - hmmm - several subjects come to mind:
* reading body language
* early levels of transfer to students who are typically not athletes. Many of today's never evers.
* anything that would fall in the realm of the psychology of over coming fear - that ineveitable situation of standing on a precipice (level appropriate) and looking down as the quilted mogullettes turn into Volkswagens ....

* I am open to suggestions

My comfort zone would be mostly geared to working with instructors who are new or young in the field (not nec young in age).
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