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Broke My Volkl's!!!???

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Anyone ever had quality issues with their Volkls? I bought a pair of new Bridges earlier this year. Skied on them mabye 10 times..mostly in the east and a long weekend in Tahoe. 


Yesterday I noticed the edge on one of my skis was separating from the ski and sliding out on my turns. I wouldn't qualify myself as an amazing skier or anything and didn't abuse them other than a decent amount of east coast ice. 


Seems pretty crappy....I'm taking them back to the ski shop to see what they say. Has anyone dealt with quality issues with Volkl? Wondering what my odds are of getting them replaced.


I loved those skis before this happened, now I'm a little gun shy to replace them with the same model.

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 If it's a quality issue, they will replace it. If it looks like you broke it, hope for the best. They might match it or offer you a deal to get back up and running.

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I haven't taken them in the park ever, or hit anything that should have caused the issue. I ski pretty fast and aggressive but always in bounds. They haven't seen or been exposed to anything that a ski shouldn't be. They're in prefect shape with barely a scratch on them. Hopefully it works out.

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