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Jiminy Peak 3-15-09

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Yesterday was one of my best ever Spring skiing days at Jiminy.  It was a bright blue, cloudless day with no wind.  (It was the first time I had not seen the wind turbine spinning this season).  Conditions were firm in the morning and then gradually got softer and softer as the temps rose in the afternoon. 


In the morning, I skied with my snowboarding buddies, Mark and Chris.


Mark on West Way.


Around 12:30 PM, I met Paul and Matt Jones.  This was my first time skiing with Buzz since his tree collision at Killington three weeks ago.  Buzz ripped the soft snow and bumps in great form.  It's good to see you back, Buzz.  Matt, Buzz's son, entertained us with his aerial skills.  Matt can really rip a mean line and knows how to air out his skis to finish the run.


By 1:00 PM, the temps in the shade were in the low 50s.


It felt much warmer in the sun so I stripped off my ski suit.  Fortuntately, I had the foresight to remember to wear my shorts under my suit.  To me, skiing in my shorts is as much fun as a powder day.  I love feeling the warm air and icy cold snow blasting against my legs as I carve long arcs down the slope and bang into slushy bumps.  We had a lot of fun skiing the bumps that had formed on upper Whitetail and lower Jericho. 


If you love Spring skiing like I do, now is the time to head out to the slopes in the Northeast.  Conditions are perfect.

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Around 12:30 PM, I met Paul and Matt Jones.


It felt much warmer in the sun so I stripped off my ski suit.  


Alarm didn't go off.


Man, that was a great day at Jiminy.  The blue ski and just barely softend surface brought out the best skiing in everyone.  I have never seen so many good skiers at JP.


By the time we got there Dave had already skied one of my typical days worth of Jiminy.  We skied bumps on Whitetail and Jerico, which is rare because bumps are not allowed at Jiminy.


Favorite run for me was Ace of Spades.  The snow was "buttery", soft and carveable - silky smooth.  Matt and I took a run in the terrain park.  He hit the first jump only, the smallest but nailed a sweet 360.  I skied the side section of the park and the snow was so fine.  No chances for me after the "crash", still not healed up, but the day was a good one.

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I skied at Jiminy Tuesday afternoon (3-17) from about 4:30 to 7:15 PM.  Temps were in the high 50s so I skied in my shorts again.  Conditions were excellent spring corn, especially in the shadows where the snow started to firm up a little bit, with some wet spots that were easy to avoid.  I did laps on Whirlaway until 6:00 PM (Jiminy usually closes the non-lighted trails at 5:00 PM but is leaving Whirlaway open until 6:00 PM) and then at 6:00 shifted over to Whitetail to ski the bumps on skier's right. 


There were very few people on the mountain but many of those I met on the lift were out for their first time this season.  If you only ski once or twice a year and don't like the cold, this is the week to do it.  Despite the warm temps, Jiminy still has excellent coverage.  I did not see any rocks or bare spots.  A ski patroller told me they are going to try to keep night skiing going until March 28.  

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My Jumpin Jiminy at his Peak right now.

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