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dumb tourist questions

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Ok, I'm landing at LA International next Sunday, hiring a Toyota Corrolla, carrying these weird American 'chains made of fencing wire', sticking skiis on those light window-hanger ski racks, and driving off first to Boulder /Stagecoach Lift area of Heavenly.


One route is'395'. It looks like it goes thru picturesque country  but I guess the road will reach heights ovr 6000 ft above sea level. = ice? road blocked by snow?


the other is route, 5 to Stockton.


I'm happy to break the drive into an overnight trip staying somewhere touristy.


Which way would you recommend to a tourist?



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Don't make any decision until the day you go.  Plan both routes and then watch the weather reports.  I suspect that the CSDOT has a web site that will update the weather forecast and highway conditions more than once daily.  When it's time to get in the car and drive make your last consultation with the web site(s) you've chosen and decide your route.


A Corolla with chains can go just about anywhere, anytime on open highways.  You just have to put them on.


Have a great time.



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I used to live in CA and I always drove up and down 395.  It is very picturesque country.  It can be a bit hairy in big snow storms though,  Posaune's advice sounds about right to me.  If I were to make a stop on the way up 395 it would be a Mammoth which is a great ski area about 3 hours south of lake Tahoe.

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In 14 hours I board the first leg of my flight to Sydney and later tommorrow to LA.


With the current forecast what do you think about driving Monday, staying overnight at a place called Heidelberg Inn (off June Junction) and then heading up to Heavenly? The Caltrans website isn't that informative:: ie does 'no restrictions' mean 2wd Corrollas without chains are driving on snowless roads even at 6,000 or 8,000 feet above sea level? (So I'm bringing my Konig  snowchains just in case).

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no restrictions usually means no chains. LA is far from Heavenly. The 5 will get you to Tahoe faster

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thanks - its tough being a die-hard skier travelling with a +1 and daughter who want to be tourists.

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