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Hi, I took my family skiing at Wachusett Mountain a few weekends ago and the conditions were really poor.  We turned in our lift ticket and they refunded our money in the form of lift ticket vouchers that are good for 1 year from the date we were there.  The conditions don't seem to be getting better for this season but the vouchers are good until 28 February 2010.  The vouchers are worth $75 towards lift tickets, season passes, or rentals at Wachusett.  I am willing to sell them at a 10% loss.  If you are planning a trip their anytime between now and the end of next February, this is a good deal.  $67.50 gets you $75.  I would keep them and use them next season but the Navy is moving us to California in a few months.  I will ship them certified mail to whomever contacts me first.