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Hey Tahoe Bears....starting my annual trip to Tahoe next Monday and looking for guides to show my non-Bear brother-in-law and I the secrets of your favorite areas.  We like Squaw, Alpine, and Sugar Bowl.  Our only foray down to Kirkwood last year wasn't great because the snow last year was pretty crappy.  I'm sure we'll give it another shot this year.  One place we haven't tried yet is Mt. Rose and we're open for that, especially on Tuesday the 24th (2-for-Tuesdays).


We don't have an itinerary yet and have the Snowbomb Tahoe Card, so we can get deals all around the area.


We're both pretty strong skiers, but pushing 50 (pulling it slightly in my b-i-l's case) and because of early season injuries, my fitness is pretty crappy (only have 5 days on skis so far this year).  That said, we'll try just about anything that doesn't require mandatory air and a little hiking doesn't bother us (we got out to Beaver Bowl last year at Alpine).  Last April, I lasted about 3/4 of a day with BWPA at Snowbird...that kid doesn't stop!


Let me know if anybody is willing to show a couple of tourons around...