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2008-09 Volkl Bridge Review

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Me: Level 8 skier, 37 years old

Other skis in quiver: Gotamas (183), Powder RX (189)

Boots Salomon Ghost

Volkl Bridge 185, 92 mm underfoot

Conditions: Vail & Copper Mtn. packed powder with a few spots of fresh in the tress and on sides of the trail


Picked these up a few weeks ago with the intent to make them my all mtn. ski for days when there isn't a ton of fresh snow, for bumping or anything else.  Early on, I am VERY happy wth this choice.


These skis are fairly stiff and have that familiar Volkl feel.  The edges engage very quickly--even for a 92mm waisted ski.  They really do rail the groomers if you know how to stay on top them.  The stiffnes makes them particularly adept at crudbusting.  I hit some leftover frozen crud in Sundown Bowl and they really impressed me with how solid and confident they felt underfoot.  I spent a fair amount of time in the bumps and I needed to stay on my game to not have them throw me in the backseat....and they might be a tad stiffer than what I'd like for a pure bumps ski.  I decided to avoid some of the super deep, carved out bumps that looked like they were going to be a lot of work...but the smaller ones were great. 


I managed to find a few bits of POW here and there and I was also impressed how well these floated for their width.  They're not quite as floaty as my Gots but that's to be expected.  I would not be disappointed if there was a big dump and this was the only ski I had with me.  In may ways, I think the ski feels like slightly stiffer baby Gotama that is faster turning.  For someone in the West it could make a great daily driver and, paired with a fat, deep POW ski, could make a fabulous 2 ski quiver.  In the east, these might be the fatter ski with a skinnier carver for no-snow days. 


This ski is not as light as some of the other twin-tip offerings out there...but by no means did they feel overly heavy.  In fact, they felt "solid" as if they were just there when you needed them.  I would not recommend this ski to someone who is still building solid carving skills or who struggles to stay on top of their skis--you pay a penalty on this ski if you don't stay in control of it.  For someone who is fairly athletic and powerful and has a bias toward fatter skis overall....this is a great daily driver.  PM me with any questions.



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Locknload, I have never skied a twin tip. Did you identify any charactersitic of the ski that you could attribute to that design feature? Tx


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Hi Deliberate,


Not sure I fully understand the question...but I'll try.  The twin tip design itself does not seem to be related to any specific characteristic of the ski.  Some twin tip skis don't finish a turn as strong as a flat-tailed ski..but I didn't find this the case on the Bridge. Its lateral stiffness and its familiar Volkl feel made it a strong finisher when carving.  It does have good rebound energy..both in turns and while jumping...but that is more an attribute of the ski's design rather than an artifact of the twin tip.  I hope that answers your question.

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