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Trip to Summit county end of March

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My 15 yo snowboarding son and I are going to Summit Co. at the end of the month.  We will be staying in Frisco.  We will ski Vail on Friday as per my son's request (it didn't take much arm twisting.)  He is a good but not great boarder.  We do groomed blues and blacks pretty comfortably.  I like to ski some off piste and do as much as I can when I am out west.  I generally do this on blues and easy blacks.  Not sure whether my son will like that or not - we'll see.(my guess is that he will love it)


My question - where else would you suggest we ski.  We are thinking about trying to go to ski Keystone on Thursday - we get in Denver 10 am. If we have energy we can night ski.  So the question is Sat.  Breck, Keystone again, Loveland, Copper, A-basin....Suggestions please.

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I'd skip Keystone all together unless the night skiing gig is really important to you.  1 easy groomer is all you'll get night skiing and the rest of the mountain stinks.  Loveland and Arapahoe Basin are must do's.  Not in the least bit elegant, older chairs, great attitudes, great terrain. Both are what skiing should be...low key and fun!  Copper, not bad, not good.  If it's not too crowded it can be fun.  Big area lots to ski.  Breck...same as Copper.  Good areas at both, lots and lots and lots of people

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interesting, I have toyed with Loveland on Thursday, as it is the nearest to the airport.  I am gathering that A-basin on Sat would be less crowded?

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 I thought Copper was great when I tried it. The "back side" is key; there are two lifts there.  There is also the cat (free after you pay for your lift ticket) and decent hike-to skiing off the top of the highest back side lift.  We are talking real snow here.  The front was full of fast boring groomer and endless bump runs, good in their own way I guess.  It does not take all day to get to the goods...SuperBee express, and then a mellow (really) poma lift and you are at the front-side high point and ready to drop the backside (after a very brief flat "walk" tour, < 3 minutes).  No endless up down sideways to get to the lesser-tracked, steeper stuff.

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It’s not clear to me exactly how many days you have in CO?  Assuming it’s only Thurs afternoon, Fri and Sat then I would skedaddle up to Loveland and ski there for as many hours as you can on Thurs afternoon, although you will feel the altitude in a big way if you are coming from sea level.  It’s huge compared to Eastern ski areas and very nice terrain for solid intermediates.  More bang for your buck then night skiing at Keystone (if you still want to try that - make sure it is still offered in late March).  Then you have Vail for Friday.  Since Frisco is very convenient to Copper (10 mins) that would make sense for Saturday.  Breck, Abasin, Keystone and Loveland are also nearby and fine options for that day.

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what do you like about Copper?

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Originally Posted by pbartski View Post


what do you like about Copper?

1.  Naturally divided terrain, meaning that the expert terrain is together and generally served by lifts serving only expert terrain.  This means shorter lift lines for most of the expert terrain.


2.  Lots of choices for all kinds of terrain.  Plenty of north-facing terrain that holds winter snow, good open bowl skiing, some ok steeps, a few narrow chutes, good bumps, etc.  


3.  Nobody there.  Copper has lost in the competition with Vail.  They priced themselves out of the market; as a result, most folk are at a Vail Resort property and Copper has been much less crowded.  


Copper has great skiing.  Something for everyone.



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