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I Just Want To Thank You All

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No sarcasm.  Really mean it.


Last year I thought I was a really good skier; advanced probably.  Truth was I sucked.  I was in the backseat and twisting for turns but since I was getting down the mountain and usually keeping up with the real advanced/expert skiers, I figured I'm close to being as good as them.


Then I went to Tuckerman's Ravine and was humbled.  Had a blast but because I was doing/did several things wrong (no lessons, boots too big, lack of experience, etc.), I ended up with a torn acl and sprained mcl.  At least it was the end of the season (I'm now skiing with a brace an no acl.  I mind my p's and q's but I'm able to ski all day and hard).


Since I couldn't ski, I decided to read about skiing and found epicski.  I spent some time at a different site but I didn't belong there.  I read everything I could here.   Looked at many of the videos here that folks send in and read what they where doing wrong (or right).  Looked at a video of myself skiing just before my accident and that's when I realized that I sucked at skiing.  Decided that I didn't want to suck anymore and started studying here a at other sites but mainly here.


Asked too many questions and always got answers. I ended up knowing more about skiing than I wanted to but it's been very helpful.  Figured out everything I had been doing wrong and worked on correcting it.


Boots went for 27.5 to a 25.5.  Studied what I could about boot fitting mainly so I would know if the person I was talking to about buying boots was full of beans or not.  Ended up with boots that are as close to being a part of my feet without being involved in some weird science experiment.


Decided after going to a few different ski shops that I was better off doing my own tuning and I enjoy it almost as much as skiing.  My edges get polished each time before I go and I don't usually go more than two trips without fresh wax.  It only took 16458 posts from Atomicman to sink in, but my two pairs of Atomics are at 1/3.


I did an Adult Clinic at Crotched Mountain.  Not the biggest place around but I love it there.  The people are great as are the instructors and the mountain is fun.  Little bit of everything.  A few folks have told me they get bored there.  I think it's because they lack any imagination and they are compensating.  The instructor, Ed, was awesome and got me out of the backseat and using the front of the ski.  I finally started carving.  I couldn't do it on demand but I could do it.


Then a friend at work kept nudging me to race and to join the race team at work.  Said it would help me improve and I would learn a lot.  So I joined and both work and Crotched were OK with me joining half way through the season.  And my "Nudge" from work took me out skiing a few times to coach me.  He's an incredible skier and his friendship and coaching have been great.  I don't know how much I would have improved without him; Jerry-Thank you!


I did my first NASTAR race on Feb 12, 2009 in the beer league and got a bronze and a silver.  The silver was beginners luck.  I stuck with it, and did many NASTAR runs each weekend trimming time each time I went out.  The beer league kept making the course steeper which I wasn't ready for so I never did better than a bronze there but on the weekends I learned to listen to my skis.  The quieter they got, the faster I went.


So the whole reason I'm writing this is so I can brag.


Today I did 13 runs; 7 Silvers and SIX GOLDS! I did that in almost exactly 30 days from my first run and about 40 days from the first time I carved a ski.  I was actually hitting gates - On purpose!


I couldn't even start to list all the folks here that have helped me on this adventure.  Even if I'm not posting I'm reading many of the forums. 


So to the folks that run the site, instructors, bootfitters, tuners and members, Thank You!  Know that when you ask your question, you are asking for many folks.  Know that when you answer a question, you are helping many more.




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Great story.


Congrats on your golds and silvers and the one bronze! 



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Welcome to the Dark Side......big party here.


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