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Newly Minted Master Teacher

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When PSIA-E first started the Master Teacher Certification program I attended the first set of indoor courses held at Windham in September 2000.  I thought it was a great program.  However, a few things intervened and I didn’t complete the program then.  Well back in September 2008 I decided I needed a bit of a challenge this season.  So I decided to restart down the Master Teacher Certification track again. 


I’m very proud to say that on Friday March 13th I took my final exams, passed them, and was awarded my Master Teacher Certification pin.  HOOOYAH!!!!!!!!!


The Master Teacher Program consists of 8 required courses, 2 optional courses, and 3 accreditation courses.  That’s 13 courses in all spanning 20 days of training.  (Some of the courses are 2 day events, some are 1 day events.)  You need to pass a written test in each of the 13 courses.  Currently there are 8 accreditations.   I chose Teaching Beginners as my accreditation.  You are given a 6 season window to complete all 13 courses and you need to be a Level II certified instructor to receive your pin.  Anyone can take the courses.  For more information see the PSIA-E website.


Anyway, I decided to do it all in one season.  I like to push myself.  You should have seen the looks on people’s faces this past week at my last clinic when, during the introductions, we were asked how long we had been working on the program and when we were planning on finishing up.  When I said, “This is my 13th clinic this season.  I’m taking my final exam in Albany on Friday.” They were priceless.


The synergy of doing all the courses in one season was marvelous.  It made it easier to relate what I’d learned in a previous course to the course I was taking.


I highly recommend that those of you in PSIA-E who can do it, to take some of the Master Teacher courses.  You don’t need to be a Level II to take the courses.  You can use these courses for your bi-annual required class.  You get a heck of a lot out of them.


All in all this year I took the 13 clinics, traveled to 9 different ski areas, took 5 four-day trips to attend the clinics, met a bunch of great people, learned a heck of a lot, and had a blast.

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Congratulations T-2. That's an impressive accomplishment.


Master Teacher is also an alternate route to LIII. All you have to do is pass the LIII skiing exam after you acheive MT certification and you have your LIII pin.

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Congratulations on your achievement, T2. Can you give us an overview of the course?

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