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What's up with PBRs?

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I was considering posting this in the Equipment discussion. What's the big deal with Pabst Blue Ribbon -- I see mention of "PBRs" (dude!) everywhere. Is it an easy-to-pound thing left-over form high school? Is it just cheap beer? What about Bud(weiser), Coors, etc. Maybe 


I first saw this reference without mention of brew or a picture of the can; in trying to guess the meaning, especially given the typical context, I thought of things like Phenomenal Bong Rips, Pro Bull Riding (and it's crude cousin Pro Babe Riding -- sorry ladies, but they're mostly boys), Post Bush/Reagan, Phat Balls-out Raging.


What gives?

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PBR is a skiiers beer. simple its like budweiser is a rednecks beer 

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Originally Posted by skibum185 View Post


PBR is a skiiers beer. simple its like budweiser is a rednecks beer 


Sure, but that's because it's union-made (of course, now it's Belgian-made). I'm interested in why it caught on -- cheap, light, & plentiful?

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Originally Posted by skibum185 View Post


PBR is a skiiers beer. simple its like budweiser is a rednecks beer 


My dad drank PBR until the family finances got really bad and he had to switch to RW&B (Red, White, and Blue). When he started working again, he moved back up to Bud, then Moosehead. So, PBR is pretty low on the beer totem pole, but not at the bottom.

I think of Bud as just being the workingman's beer...thought the rednecks mostly drank Coors when I lived down South, but that was a long time ago.

My body has betrayed me and I can no longer tolerate beer in any quantity (hops allergy??), so I cannot enjoy these fine potables anymore.

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PBR isn't a skiiers beer, it's *the* hip beer now for some reason.  Somehow people from all walks of life all decided together that it was now cool to drink PBR.  I'm not sure if the hipsters started it, or if they just latched on to it more than other groups, but that's the connotation it has in the PNW, or at least in Seattle and Portland.  It's not any better than any other cheap beer, people just decided it's cool.


It's a fad, it'll go away.


In the meantime, I prefer to drink real beer, with actual flavor and hops, personally.

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 There is also a PBR ski from K2, there are two versions, 1. a Maiden AK and B. a Maiden AK w/ 10/20 Rocker. Both are sweet skis and unlike most promotion skis, ski very well. 

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I saw those skis on eBay once, kinda cool looking, but just more beer paraphernalia like I had when I was a bartender in my early 20's. Look! I'm cool! I drink beer!


I hope "those damn kids" never discover Anchor Steam.


That NYT article explains quite a bit.

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I don't think that you can get a whole lot cheaper than PBR.  Red, White, and Blue is maybe a dime cheaper per six pack.  Wave, I have been wondering the same thing lately.  How or why is one of the worst beers of all time considered hip by more than a few in the ski world?  That stuff is nasty.  "BEER" brand beer did not even have the foul taste of PBR.  Heck, even a Billy Beer was no worse.

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I remember Carling Black Label from high school. We used to get it at Walgreen's.

$2.89 for a twelve pack of cans.


Uphill, both ways, in the snow.

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Fred Pabst built a resort in Vermont called Bromley, one of seventeen that he owned. He is the inventor of the J-bar.


I've never met a skier that drinks PBR though. I didn't even know hipsters skied. I think of skiers as being more micro-brew than cheap swill. My regular is Milwaukee's Best Ice, but I often enjoy better beer. PBR is overpriced.

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PBR is hipster beer. It all started when some Hipster somewhere was watching Blue Velvet and heard Dennis Hopper say "Heineken?!  F*ck that sh*t, PABST BLUE RIBBON!", looked over at his Heineken, then at Hipster number 2 and said "Yeah, f*ck Heineken" and they ran out to buy a case of PBR. Pretty soon Hipsters number 3 and 4 saw what Hipsters 1 and 2 had done and saw that it was ironic and before you know it, it spread throughout the local hipster community like some kind of raging STD. Then thanks to the twin modern miracles of air travel and the internets, it spread to hipster communities far and wide. Soon other formerly cheap swill, like Yuengling, and Rolling Rock, followed suit. But not Natty Ice or Milwaukee's Best, because some things just can't be made cool, no matter how much indy rock or ironic facial hair you throw at them. I myself prefer the local western New York swill Genny Cream Ale for cheap beer. It comes in big 16 oz refillable bottles that look as if they have been in use since the first batch rolled off of the bottling line, and it tastes slightly like cream corn. Mmmm. 

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You forgot the other  2 Hipster food groups: smoking Parliaments and drinking coffee.  Not that I am anything close to a hipster, but have been accused of being one, as I ride a fixie and drink lots of good coffee.  I don't do the girls jeans or the comb-over, though.


PBR is also a frat thing, at least it was when I was in school, it really caught on 2001-2002 or so.  The AGR house up the street was actually sponsored by PBR: they got to hang a big PBR banner on the front of their house, and were always well stocked. Actually, those guys were really cool: not the typical "frat boy" image, they had a big party each year with a mechanical bull and were super cool to drink with.  You didn't need to shop at Ambercrombie to get in the door....



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I fish and piss in the water that makes coors.


PBR is cheaper then bottled water.


Bud tastes like piss warm.

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Originally Posted by karpiel View Post


PBR is cheaper then bottled water.



Tastes worse than bottled water, too.

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Read on a pint glass while having some after skiing beers today:

"Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies"

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I think that PBR is en vogue now because of the years of trendy micro-brews. I admit once turning my nose up at cheap swill in a can in favor of expensive, syrupy, dark, flavored, fancy beer.

Turns out that cheaper, lighter, canned beer is way more drinkable after a hard day of skiing!!  

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Oh!  This is killing me.  I grew up in a working class factory town.


The places that had Pabst were the 5 cent a beer dives.


Don't ever get downwind of a Pabst drinker .... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...


We would have "gross outs" in Rittman's tavern when we were broke ... Pabst and a few hard boiled eggs.


Skiing beer ..... ????? 

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post


Fred Pabst built a resort in Vermont called Bromley, one of seventeen that he owned. He is the inventor of the J-bar.



Glad to see someone on this thread appreciates ski history.  There are runs at Bromley called "Pabst's Peril" and the "Blue Ribbon".  These micro brews name the beer after the run.  Pabst named the run after the beer.

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PBR is the cheapest swill passing for a headache that I'm aware of outside of perhaps Old Milwalkee.  If it has become somehow popular, it's certainly just a counter-culture movement since us old guys snubbed it so hard.  When someone suggest buying the guy at the shop a six-pack of "good" beer for a discount, showing up with PBR would get you charged extra.

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My Dad smoked Parliaments & drank PBR.


Dad skied, Sailed and flew. His second home was the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva, I never saw him with an ugly chick.


Therefore, PBR & Parliaments ROCK - Until some ex-hippie wannabes had a fit and smokes were ban from adult places, leaving Pabst in sole possession of total COOLNESS.


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I've noticed this too, and have no idea. At Snowbird there's just a sea of big PBR cans anytime between 3-5 outside around the base. Not sure why this is suddenly a hip beer to drink, or why you'd want to drink it at all. I suspect that it's caught on because it's so damn cheap and you see everyone else drinking it, so what do you have to lose.

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you cant call yourself your a skier with out the essential vitamins of P, B and R. 

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I have been drinking PBRers for years.  I have alway thought it was the best of the cheap beers.  Or a beer that comes in a can so it can be drunk on a river trip.  I used to drink only micro brews and the occasional PBRer, now it's the other way.  I'm a little suprised how big it has gotten in the last few years, but I have always liked it.  I also used to like Rolling Rock when I lived in PA.  Rolling Rock in WY is not as good by far.  I'm also pissed that they thought they could move from Latrobe PA to wherever they are now and still hold onto the 33 mythos.  I drank Genny Cream ale when I was 16 and didn't like beer.  Now I can't drink it.  I really don't like most American beers like Buttwiper or Coors.   PBR is even tolerable when it's not cold or slightly warm on a river trip.  Did I mention it's cheap?  Don't think it's just some 20 something fad.   

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Pabst, Iron City or Colt 45 ... well .... perhaps the first signs that you have a drinking problem.


The same a "drinking" .... if you can call it drinking ... Mad Dog 20/20, Night Train Express or Thunderbird.  Fine wines ...


I used to trip over these bottles in the boarded up and abandoned crack dens.


Actually the Iron City wasn't all that bad ...

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Originally Posted by jaobrien6 View Post




Tastes worse than bottled water, too.

wait, yer tellin me it isn;t bottled water?

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I just got back from Park City and I have to say I cannot get over the number of people drinking PBR on the mountain. I don't get it. Maybe the hipster and NY Times thing explains it. Dunno.


This combined with the number of people who have liquid lunches while skiing perplex me. I don't get that either. Don't get me wrong I live to drink, but just not whilst skiing. Don't want to derail this thread though. And I am not preaching....so everyone take it easy. It is just an observation.

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 I haven't had to drink that swill since i got out of the Army.

 Some Beer salemen most have done a good job convincing people to drink that stuff.

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This is just a limited observation, but it seems to me that PBR is direct marketing to skiers.  The PBR skis, boards, and other assorted giveaways are having their desired effect.  I was at the 2008 Super Bowl party at Grand Targhee, and virtually all the good stuff given away at the bar was PBR-related.  You got raffle tickets based on how many pitchers you bought, and our table was WAY behind; statistically we had no chance.


As a beer, it's okay.  However, as a homebrewer, I'm not going to make a PBR clone anytime soon.

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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

   Not that I am anything close to a hipster, but have been accused of being one, as I ride a fixie and drink lots of good coffee.  I don't do the girls jeans or the comb-over, though.



riding a fixie automatically and irrevocably condemns you to hipsterdom for all time. kinda like being bitten by a zombie. there's no going back. so you might as well slip into something plaid, throw on a death cab cd, crack open a pbr, and accept your fate.

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