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Shrinking boots?

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Has anyone ever experienced (and more importantly, solved) this?

Nordic is my first love, but I do some alphine skiing every so often. I bought new Head ski boots last year and used them 5 times, no problem. I tired them on last week and my feet were in such pain, even after 30 minutes of wear and attempted skiing, that I had to stop to avoid bursting out in tears on the slope. I plan to write to the company and see if there are suggestions, etc... but figured I would try here first.

Anyone? Oh, my other footwear still fits, so my feet didn't grow.

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Hi Beth,


Were you wearing the same thickness of socks this year as last?  Try them on without socks---with a thin sock.  You don't need a sock to stay warm in a ski boot.




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Mike is correct about use of socks, but your problem is so general it is not really possible to solve without much more specific information.  But feet change and people change as years go on, so definitely boots will fit differently from one year to the next.


You need to have someone shell fit you and take a look around.



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