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Aftermarket liners?

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 Hi Folks. Long time lurker but I can't seem to find an answer to the question I have.


I purchased a pair of Lange Comp 120s last August and had them professionally fitted, custom footbeds, the works. They fit great when I bought them. I'm pushing 80 days on the snow this season and I'm starting to run into problems with the liner packing out. 


I have thin calves and I think my problems tend to stem from that. I have shimmed the liners with the Eliminator tongue which worked great and took up all the space in the upper cuff. Now I'm running into problems with the heel lifting and the boot digging into the bone that protrudes below the Achilles tendon. It's really painful. I fixed it for a little while by taking up space behind the Achilles tendon with foam weather stripping (it's cheap and had adhesive!) but now the weather stripping is "packing out" as well and I'm running into the same problem. 


I've read a lot about aftermarket liners and it sounds good, but before I spend the money on one will they help? I made a fair investment (for a college student) in these boots and I'd like to make them last for more than one season.



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with the volume issues around the ankle/calf i would look at a zip fit as they can take up a fair bit of volume in that area, the advantage of them over some other liners is that they will outlast the shell and you can then move them to your next boot, go see your local stockist and see if they recomend the world cup [thinner] or grand prix [slightly thicker] to match your foot and shell


good luck

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Thanks! I'll look into them. 

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