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Light Twin Tips??

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I am 5'10, 150lb, advanced skier looking for a cheap, soft flex, LIGHT twin tip and I have narrowed it down to the Dynastar Nothing But Trouble and the Volkl Ledge skis. I was leaning toward the Dynastar's but I have a really good deal on the Volkl's. This is my park ski so what would fit me better for cheap, soft flex, and the lighter the better. I am also open to other skis.


any advice greatly appreciated

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Both those skis should work, but I'd probably go with the Volkl if it was just those two choices.  Another option you may want to consider is an Atomic twin tip.  The new Twins/old Triplets are a very light and cheap twin tip that should fit your criteria quite well.  I have the Tweak from a few years ago (Twins/Triplets are still basically the same ski), and it's still one of the lightest skis I've seen.  I'm not sure exactly how soft you want the flex to be, but I would say these are more in the medium range.  They'll still flex if you want them to, but they're much better outside the park than a "butter" ski.  If you're looking for something softer and more jib-specific, the Line Invader may be a good choice as well.  For reference I'm 5'10 160, so I'm a similar size.  Anyway definitely check out the Atomics before you make your final decision.  

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Thanks for the info. But when you buy the triplets do you get 2 or 3 skis? Or do you get to choose?

So what's the deal?

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my friend has Rossi Blasters and they are reallllllly light. and cheap. may want to check them out  

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The triplets actually come with 3 skis... just choose your favorite 2 and mount those, and then if you really destroy one you have a backup.  The original idea was to have 3 to choose from so you can change it up day to day and get less wear overall on all three, but since not too many people have 3 bindings I don't think it caught on.  So now you basically just get one ski free.

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Originally Posted by mordy07 View Post

 ...but since not too many people have 3 bindings I don't think it caught on...



Can you even buy one single binding, or a set or 3?

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Originally Posted by Wave View Post




Can you even buy one single binding, or a set or 3?

Not usually... even on ebay pretty much everything is in a pair.  Hence Atomic's move from Triplets to Twins.

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